Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Melbourne Big Day Out @ Flemington Racecourse (2008-01-28)

Although I saw several other awesome bands on the day these are the only 5 I recorded. I kind of regret not recording Bjork... a lot.

Oh man. I really wasn't expecting this show to be as good as it was but it was amazing. Totally sold me on Mammal being a great live band who know how to put on a show.
The tent that they were playing in was overflowing and the crowd just loved this set. Nothing better than a supporting hometown.
Nagasaki should always be the opener for Mammal. Just that first note is so... powerful. And the think on this is probably my favorite I've seen.

1. Nagasaki In Flames
2. Think
3. Hell Yeah
4. Groove Junkie
5. Two Soles
6. Smash The Piñata
7. Inciting
8. Maker

Length: 39:29

Sound Quality: A


Arcade Fire
Looking back this was probably my favorite performance of Big Day Out. It was the middle of a very hot day and for the hour that these guys played for I got to sit on a barrier and just relax. Around me there weren't too many fans but a lot had converted by the end of the set.
I love the setlist to this show. Every song is tops and it just flows so well. Stage banter is at a minimum but the talk of Australian TV is pretty funny.

1. Intro
2. Wake Up
3. Keep The Car Running
4. Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
5. No Cars Go
6. Haiti
7. Intervention / I'm So Bored of the USA
8. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
9. The Well and The Lighthouse
10. (Antichrist Television Blues)
11. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
12. Rebellion (Lies)

Length: 1:01:14

Sound Quality: B-


BattlesBattles are just one of those bands that when seen live, they draw you in. No sooner had I gotten to the stage to see them and the half hour was up and I was stuck standing there dazed like a fool.
I love these guys. I wish they would play Melbourne again soon. And I can’t wait to hear some new songs.
The first 10-15 minutes of this set are missing as I was watching Arcade Fire at another stage. Sorry.

1. Tonto
2. Atlas
3. Race:In

Length: 29:56

Sound Quality: B+


Rage Against The Machine
Man, this was awesome. I still get a little giddy at the intro to this and buildup to Testify.. and once it kicks in: wow! Every single person inside the D barrier was jumping. As well as everyone I could see outside the D barrier. We had been waiting a long time for Rage to come back and they delivered.
The sound on this is iffy as I was jumping around having an awesome time. Take it or leave it.

1. Intro
2. Testify
3. Bulls On Parade
4. People of The Sun
5. Bombtrack
6. Down Rodeo
7. Bullet In The Head
8. Know Your Enemy
9. Tire Me
10. Guerilla Radio
11. Calm Like A Bomb
12. Sleep Now In The Fire
13. Wake Up
14. Freedom
15. Killing In The Name

Length: 1:15:00

Sound Quality: C+