Monday, September 14, 2009

The Bronx @ Billboard The Venue (2009-09-13)

I can't believe how awesome these guys are live. Totally blow me away every time. Very solid set with a lot of old songs. Only complaint is the lack of Enemy Mind and Ocean of Class. But in all honesty: I am being a little picky. I can't think of anything negative to say about The Bronx's performance.
The crowd on the other hand.. biggest pile of asses ever. Bogan city. With no respect for anyone else around them. We were a fair way back to avoid rowdyness but the people around us decided not to be cool. Pushing and all that jazz. Then some idiot decided to sit on the bar/bench thing in front of us for 3 songs. So I went all rebel and swiftly picked up and threw a (plastic) glass at him. He didn't care :(

1. Intro
2. Heart Attack American
3. Past Lives
4. Shitty Future
5. White Tar
6. Six Days A Week
7. Stop The Bleeding
8. Rape Zombie
9. They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy)
10. Inveigh
11. White Guilt
12. Pleasure Seekers
13. I Got Chills
14. Young Bloods
15. False Alarm
16. Knifeman
17. Kill My Friends
18. Cobra Lucha
19. History's Stranglers

Length: 1:07:57

Sound Quality: A-

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Download Key: IEWdpGK98hx8PzaPr8IvyAEEArwe_V9pN3HOuqTvyIs