Saturday, January 4, 2014

The UV Race @ Meredith Music Festival (2013-12-15)

The UV Race were a surprise hit at the end of a busy weekend. I had never stayed for the last band before but I'm glad I did this time. In typical UV fashion the set was a bit all over the place and unless you know what to expect you probably wouldn't have enjoyed this nearly as much as everyone else.

Lego Man was cool to see as I'd been wanting to for a while but I'm not sure if the song in the middle is a song or just a jam? Anyone able to help out with that one or the 4 other tracks I can't put a name on.

This was recorded up the hill a bit in line with the left speaker stack. There is a little talking between myself and my fiancé in it but hey, what are you gonna do? The sound is good and the set is great so yeah.

I didn't take the photo below but instead borrowed it from a photo set I found on fasterlouder. katie_fairservice took the picture and many more of the festival can be found here:

 photo TheUVRace20131215_zpsb6e25906.jpg

1.  Girl In My Head
2.  I'm A Pig
3.  Set Sail To Fail
4.  Cherry Bee
5.  Can't Go Back
6.  Lost My Way
7.  Burn That Cat
8.  Good Money
9.  Lego Man
10. Mash
11. Be Your Self
12. Gypsy King
13. The UV Know
14. Raw Balls

Length: 34:50

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: fkGLyEI49tGnWziVIA_hYhxOy6E-yJaV-NyyYhc7btM

The UV Race @ PBS Studios (2013-02-06)

I was interested to see this set mainly because of Marcus. Normally he would be going wild getting in the crowd and acting like a complete fool (which rules by the way don't get me wrong…) but in the sterile environment that is the PBS studios he would be behind glass and forced to act differently. What we got was a very reserved Marcus who sang the songs truer to their recorded counterparts than I've ever seen him do before. In fact, the whole band really played well for this set. Could be my favourite of theirs I've seen now.

This one I didn't record because basically the audio presented to the audience is just a feed of what is being played over the radio. Instead, I had my computer streaming it at home and recording it. As such, it is a very clear and sharp recording.

The UV Race @ PBS Studios (2013-02-06) photo TheUVRace20130206_zpsa9350642.jpg

1.  Unknown Pleasures
2.  Raw Balls
3.  Set Sail To Fail
4.  Baw Baw Blues
5.  Burn That Cat
6.  Mash
7.  I'm A Pig
8.  Girl In My Head
9.  Sophie Says
10. Lost My Way
11. Outta Control Kids
12. Gore Orphanage
13. Acid Trip

Length: 34:26

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: SflOxXR04odgrgez9OIcuXxu7bpdC7F2JoeKk_6d8p4

Nobunny @ Hi-Fi Bar and Ballroom (2013-01-31)

Thee Oh Sees always have some pretty good supports when they come around and this show was no exception. Nobunny were a band I hadn't heard of before (much like Hunx at the show a few days earlier) but was impressed with their set start to finish. Stupid fun rock and an overly energetic frontman. Him calling out the 2 girls talking through the set was pretty awesome. Ballsy and awesome.

Nobunny @ Hi-Fi Bar and Ballroom (2013-01-31) photo Nobunny20130131_zpsb0d883b8.jpg

1.  Not That Good
2.  Mess Me Up
3.  Blow Dumb
4.  Boneyard
6.  Live It Up
7.  Motorhead With Me
8.  I Am A Girlfriend
10. Chuck Berry Holiday

Length: 24:46

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: fq6kR2pFUdDzz1JgZ2HizivSrVdqcOTwx-ovLziWOQI

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

DZ Deathrays @ Splendour In The Grass (2012-07-27)

Had not heard a single note by these guys prior to this set and in all honesty I'm kicking myself a little for it. This set was fun as balls and DZ are really fuckin' good. The mainstage tent was absolutely packed for this set because pretty much as it started the rain came and it came very thick. So much so that looking outside the tent you could barely see for more than 10 meters. Inside the tent it was still wet. The roof leaked onto the stage which prompted the stage hands to quickly move around some of the bands equipment while they played.

This was recorded towards the left side of the tent not too far from the speaker stack. The sound is quite true to how it sounded on the day. Not sure if there was anything before Cops Capacity but that's where my recording cuts in so yeah...

 photo DZDeathrays20120727jpg_zps3cb55aad.jpg

1.  Cops Capacity
2.  LA Lighting
3.  Teenage Kickstarts
4.  Gebbie Street
5.  Dinomight
6.  No Sleep
7.  Dollar Chills
8.  The Mess Up
9.  Debt Death
10. Teeth

Length: 35:19

Sound Quality: B

Download Here

Download Key: RHdi3GhoK5lZ8uP7Bl0eOCM2LN4Fg6nqHqTq8XuvAJQ

The Smith Street Band @ Meredith Music Festival (2013-12-14)

These guys were on of the surprise acts for me on the Meredith lineup this time around. The thought of seeing them play to the Saturday afternoon crowd was quite interesting seeing as every time I've seen them its to less than 200 or so people so to expand on that 50 times would be quite a step up. I'm very glad to say though that even in a giant setting like Meredith, Smith Street fit right in and played one of the standout sets of the weekend.

Opening with the triple of Sunshine & Technology, Postcodes, and Sigourney Weaver pretty much cemented my love for this band but as always seeing Get High, See Mice just ruled more than anything. Love that song so god damn much. As soon as it came on my boot was held high. The Smith Street Band deserved it. Lets do it again Meredith 2014?

I actually didn't record this one with my microphones on me. I knew I wanted to get a little rowdy so I left them in the care of my fiancé and a friend who were sitting on a picnic rug about halfway up the hill on the left side of stage. The mice were at ground level facing the microphone stack and I'm actually really surprised the sound came out as well as it did. I had to do a little work in post to reduce the lower end but that was it.
This photo below isn't mine but one I found on The Smith Street Facebook that came via instagram.

 photo TheSmithStreetBand20131214_zps402556ad.jpg

1.  Sunshine & Technology
2.  Postcodes (For People Who Will Not Arrest Me)
3.  Sigourney Weaver
4.  Don't Fuck With Our Dreams
5.  Ducks Fly Together
6.  I Can't Feel My Face
7.  Get High, See Mice
8.  Young Drunk

Length: 38:06

Sound Quality: B

Download Here

Download Key: R9J4wm5mxIveLwzy5Iqk5Hzyxh9EGspB_F3hvLd4WTQ