Wednesday, January 1, 2014

DZ Deathrays @ Splendour In The Grass (2012-07-27)

Had not heard a single note by these guys prior to this set and in all honesty I'm kicking myself a little for it. This set was fun as balls and DZ are really fuckin' good. The mainstage tent was absolutely packed for this set because pretty much as it started the rain came and it came very thick. So much so that looking outside the tent you could barely see for more than 10 meters. Inside the tent it was still wet. The roof leaked onto the stage which prompted the stage hands to quickly move around some of the bands equipment while they played.

This was recorded towards the left side of the tent not too far from the speaker stack. The sound is quite true to how it sounded on the day. Not sure if there was anything before Cops Capacity but that's where my recording cuts in so yeah...

 photo DZDeathrays20120727jpg_zps3cb55aad.jpg

1.  Cops Capacity
2.  LA Lighting
3.  Teenage Kickstarts
4.  Gebbie Street
5.  Dinomight
6.  No Sleep
7.  Dollar Chills
8.  The Mess Up
9.  Debt Death
10. Teeth

Length: 35:19

Sound Quality: B

Download Here

Download Key: RHdi3GhoK5lZ8uP7Bl0eOCM2LN4Fg6nqHqTq8XuvAJQ

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