Sunday, October 5, 2008

Full Scale DVD Launch @ Hi-Fi Bar and Ballroom (2008-10-04)

Featuring .hinge, Rook, Sydonia, Engine Three Seven, Rincon, Tim McMillan and Ezekiel Ox.

A night full of Melbourne bands and Full Scale covers which had me anticipating Full Scale coming onstage to do one final song together. Sadly, it didn't happen. Other than that small setback the night and all bands were great.

Engine Three Seven
I listened back to this one trying to get into it but I just really couldn’t… other than Have It All that is, that song is wicked rad. I don’t know. I didn’t even enjoy the Full Scale cover in this set.
The sound isn’t the best but that’s because the mix on the night was pretty poor.
That said, I would probably check these guys out again at a headlining show and see what they really are all about. Being the 2nd band (out of 6?) really didn’t do them justice.

1. Feel It (Cuts In) (Full Scale Cover)
2. Cops
3. Erasure
4. Susan On Sunday
5. Have It All
6. Easy Graceful Desert

Length: 25:25

Sound Quality: C+

MP3: Unavailable right now.

I remember after this set I couldn’t really describe what I had just seen. Sydonia live are just so powerful what with the triple percussion and all. A really solid set by the guys who I’d previously not heard of before. I should really get into these guys on CD and catch them when they play near me soon.

1. Adornment
2. Oblivion
3. 3 Tongues
4. Elbow
5. Sixteen Today (Full Scale Cover)
6. Life In A Cup
7. C13
8. Rubber Bullet

Length: 41:30

Sound Quality: B

Download Here

Download Key: A1vVXWAmTWN-r_ePjOTzBPA7iOVlrPMRchAUVGfa-bY

Tim McMillan
I was one of the few people who knew that Tim McMillan would be making an appearance at the Full Scale DVD launch only because my friend Trent would be playing with them. He described the music as ‘Acoustic Viking Metal’ so I had no idea what to expect. With that, I was blown away by how much I enjoyed this short set. Tim’s guitar skills are superb. His little drum solo still makes me laugh.
Loved the Mario and Master of Puppets covers.
I’ve been meaning to catch another of his shows but always seem to have something else on :( Play in Frankston please Tim so I can see you? Thank you.

1. Intro
2. Mario / Japan
3. Master of Puppets
4. Goat Song
5. Sunset Maze

Length: 18:53

Sound Quality: B

MP3: Unavailable right now.

I remember on the night I hadn’t heard Rook before but a few people had told me good things about them. I thought they were amazing. Best band of the night for me. Forbes just has an amazing voice and with such good music to back it you can't go wrong.

1. Then The Jury Decides
2. Desley
3. Sonny
4. 27 Seconds
5. New Guy *w/Matt Crute of Full Scale
6. The List
7. Fiction
8. Five-Six (Full Scale Cover)

Length: 45:46

Sound Quality: A-

MP3: Unavailable right now.

Ezekiel Ox
On a night full of Full Scale covers and loud sets this was a bit of a black sheep performance. It wasn't really planned at all. Zeke just came up, had a few words, played then left.
I'm pretty lucky that I was just recording between sets to catch this song as by the time I would have set up it would have finished otherwise.
It's a good song. Written a week before Zeke and Full Scale left L.A. to come home after the band didn't work over there.

1. And Them To Me

Length: 3:01

Sound Quality: B+

MP3: Unavailable right now.

I’ve never really thought much of this band. I saw them open for Cog a while back and was uninterested. I gave their myspace page a few listenings to as well. They just don’t do it for me. Musically I think they are good, however, the singer irritates me. I wouldn’t go out of my way to see them again.
Saying that it was a pretty solid show. Party Political was obviously the standout song of the set and as close to me seeing Full Scale as I will ever come... :(

1. Intro
2. Just As
3. Fear Another Day
4. The Scare
5. This Time I Take The Wheel
6. Cloud
7. Disco
8. Adore
9. The Ring of the Gypsy Bitch
10. Man In The Desert
11. Stylus
12. Boy
13. Party Political w/ Ezekiel Ox (Full Scale Cover)

Length: 50:37

Sound Quality: B+

MP3: Unavailable right now.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mammal @ The Pelly Bar (2008-10-03)

Another amazing show by the band. Filled with ‘technicals’ which I feel add to the show a lot. Crowd requested Hollywood and we got it which is pretty rare. I’ve not known Mammal to take requests before. The crowd were loving it and so was I... nuff said.

This one was recorded from pretty much the centre of the room. Mics were clipped to my hat about 6 ft from the ground.

1. The Aural Underground
2. Smash The Piñata
3. Nagasaki In Flames
4. Bending Rules
5. Mr Devil
6. Think
7. Maker
8. Religion
9. Clear Enough?
10. Burn Out
11. The Majority
12. Hollywood Shrine
13. Inciting
14. Hell Yeah

Length: 1:05:32

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here