Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dante vs Zombies @ Amoeba Music (2012-04-13)

I always had the idea that if I ever went to LA I'd go see a band at Amoeba. I'm not overly sure why.. it just became a thing I wanted to do. So, once I got to Hollywood I made sure to drop by on the first day to see if anyone interesting was playing. These guys intrigued me based on their name so I decided to check them out having not heard a single thing by them. To put it bluntly. I was very impressed and happy with my decision.

Their music is kind of a hillbilly garage-rock type thing I don't know. I remember walking away from this saying they reminded me of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti but that's not close enough. They are something else.

I love when I band can just do whatever the fuck they want and not really care about anything. Case point was 'Dante' grabbing a subway bag with sandwich inside and swinging it above his head for half the set or so. I mean… it's kind of stupid but it was entertaining and that's what's important right?

This was recorded in the second 'aisle' pretty much in line with the right speaker stack. The sound is clear and true to the performance.
The photo used below was taken from the Amoeba website so if they don't want me to use it let me know.

Dante vs Zombies @ Amoeba Music (2012-04-13) photo DantevsZombies20120413_zps62402640.jpg

1.  Natural Disaster
2.  Ta Da!
3.  Horror Stories For Whores
4.  The Dump
5.  My Poor Old Parrot
6.  I Donʼt Understand Anything
7.  Yes, I'm Stalking You
8.  Harry Rag (The Kinks Cover)
9.  Watermelon Iodine

Length: 29:50

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: fdn_JzTUOcTMZ2hvxqww1VtPtGtuWPz5oKqg-_8PSGc

Monday, December 23, 2013

Dead Meadow @ The Corner Hotel (2012-04-01)

Dead Meadow are a band I don't really listen too as often as I'd like. In fact: I only have one album by them which is 2005s 'Feathers'. I got a ticket to this show because I saw them at Melbourne Music Festival 2010 (download available here) and loved that set and to be honest.. this one was just as good. On the night I found a lot of songs familiar but listening back they played vastly different sets both shows.

This was recorded in my usual spot at The Corner. Towards the left emergency exit quite close to the speaker stack. As usual the sound is good and I'm very happy with it.

Dead Meadow @ The Corner Hotel (2012-04-01) photo DeadMeadow20120401_zpsf10fc84e.jpg

1.  I Love You Too
2.  'Till Kingdom Come
3.  1000 Dreams
4.  What Needs Must Be
5.  Indian Bones
6.  Heaven
7.  Good Moanin'
8.  All Torn Up
9.  At Her Open Door
10. Sleepy Silver Door
11. Beyond The Fields We Know

Length: 1:19:43

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: VyI85xKre0ZT-mejQMo7WT3dqX8PL4wBI9yeSnt4ijg

Dick Diver @ Polyester Records (2013-03-15)

When your favourite band has a little preview show for their upcoming album it's always good to head along and hear a few new cuts. Even better when it is free (and BYO) like this one. For myself.. I had already seen all but one of the tracks but regardless, enjoyed this show as much as any other show I've seen by these guys. It is always a pleasure to see Flying Tea Towel Blues live and is the only song in the set that dates back to the first time I caught these guys.

This was recorded from the front row directly in front of the band on the left side/entrance to the shop. It's always a little hard recording in Polyester but usually I'm happy enough with the results.

Dick Diver @ Polyester Records (2013-03-15) photo DickDiver20130315_zps56862ab7.jpg

1.  Bondi '98
2.  Flying Tea Towel Blues
3.  Water Damage
4.  Amber
5.  Lime Green Shirt
6.  Calendar Days
7.  New Start Again
8.  Languages of Love
9.  Alice

Length: 39:14

Sound Quality: B

Download Here

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fuck Buttons @ Foxtel Festival Hub, 25/10/2013

...Or, "Why I'm going to be a bit more proactive in buying tickets next time one of my favourite bands is touring". So Fuck Buttons get announced as part of the stellar lineup for ATP's Release the Bats festival, cool. Then Melbourne Festival scores them for a headlining performance, even cooler. Despite the fact that I've been flogging the shit out of their awesome third album Slow Focus, financial reasons meant that I had to keep putting off buying a ticket to this - until it was too late. Damn, it's sold out, I'm not going. Timetable for Release the Bats gets released, oh fuck, there's realistically not much chance of seeing both them and Sleep (and Sleep were the ONE band I HAD TO SEE). So in the week leading up to the gig, I knew that I was going to try literally everything I could think of to try and get there, but the Facebook statuses and the constant eBay/Gumtree searches were all proving useless. In the end, I thought, "What the hell" and decided to rock up to the venue early anyway in the hope that there'd be tickets held on the door/box office, because hey, that happens sometimes, right? No harm in trying. It didn't happen in this case, but what did happen was just as cool - as I was asking the lady at the box office if any tickets were available, a gentleman behind me overheard my situation, and informed me that it didn't look like a mate of his was going to make the gig, and I could have that ticket if that was the case! So after a quick phone call to said mate, the ticket became mine! RESULT! Alright, so yeah, that was a long-winded introduction to this gig, but fuck, I was pretty stoked with how it all unfolded. TO THE GIG ITSELF! Absolutely awesome performance from the dudes - the purpose-built temporary venue for Melbourne Festival was a little unorthodox, but it worked pretty well really, especially for a performance like this. Must say that the lighting/projections/silhouettes set-up was great too, after all Andrew and Ben aren't the most entertaining live performers in and of themselves. But yeah, really solid gig, except it felt like they could've squeezed just a few more songs in, what with their songs being a bit lengthier than average, and three albums under their belt. Also, I think they could've chosen a better song to finish with than Space Mountain, especially seeing as they fucked it up a bit. Hang on, it's starting to sound like I didn't enjoy the gig - BUT IT WAS AWESOME! Just thought I'd mention the very minor things that could've made it even BETTER. But yeah, I guess the moral of the story is, if you want to try getting into a sold-out gig, it never hurts to rock up early and see what happens!

Due to a technical difficulty (let's just leave it at that) I had while tracking this, you may notice that the first three tracks are noticeably louder than those that follow. But I couldn't be bothered re-editing the thing, so it is how it is. Take it or leave it. On that note, the quality of this one certainly isn't amazing, and if you've downloaded any recent recordings from me, you'll have noticed that a lot of them have dipped. I've been down a channel for most of this year, basically, which sucks :(

Surf Solar
Colours Move
The Red Wing
Hidden XS
Space Mountain


Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Butterfly Effect, 11/10/2013, the Esplanade Hotel

They're back! To be honest, even though The Butterfly Effect clearly stated that they did intend to carry on with a new singer, after their final tour with Clint Boge last year, deep down I thought that they would struggle to continue and wouldn't have been surprised if they did eventually give it up. Certainly I didn't expect them to return so soon. But at the start of September they announced this run of shows, with the revealing of their new vocalist Paul Galagher and brand new single Eyes Down coming a few weeks later - and before I knew it, I was at the good ol' Espy Gershwin Room getting ready for an exciting new chapter to begin. So yeah, when a band with three solid albums under their belt makes the very difficult decision to replace THAT VOICE who contributed so much to the band and those albums, you really have to try and go into a gig like this with lowered expectations. And Eyes Down, while undeniably catchy and powerful, certainly didn't quite hit the mark like their previous work. So, what would this gig turn out like then? Well, you only have to look at the tune they opened with to know that tonight, TBE certainly weren't here to fuck around - they wanted everyone to know that despite losing a (bloody great) vocalist, they hadn't lost the magic of their band! Paul's voice certainly isn't a perfect match for Clint's, but in some ways I think that's what you want when these kind of things happen - someone who can do the old songs justice in their own way, rather than just being a carbon copy of what came before. The only thing that was a little disappointing about this show was, well, I'm sure you can see it - just thirteen songs? It certainly seemed a bit short. But other than that, this show certainly felt like the band are ready to move on, and that they're going to succeed in doing so. I can only hope so, anyway.

Interlude (over PA)
Filling Silence
One Second of Insanity
Window and the Watcher
Room Without a View
(New song)
Perception Twin
(New song)
A Slow Descent
Eyes Down


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wild Flag @ Golden Plains Festival (2012-03-10)

These girls we're one of my must sees of the weekend. Being a big Sleater-Kinney fan I got their album as soon as it dropped and have been loving it since first listen. As I was almost front and centre for this the vocals are a little low but otherwise a great show and recording. A couple of new songs in there as well was great.

Wild Flag @ Golden Plains Festival (2012-03-10)

1. Black Tiles
2. Boom
3. Electric Band
4. Future Crimes
5. Something Came Over Me
6. Short Version
7. Glass Tambourine
10. Racehorse
11. Romance

Length: 46:16

Sound Quality: B

Download Here

Download Key: Y8_GszBmntREGcOTX8wMPndTjk5c_JgLSBjfTGHjOBU

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Two Door Cinema Club @ Festival Hall (2012-12-29)

Not the biggest fan of these guys but this was a pretty fun show. Pretty chilled out considering it was at Festival Hall and the type of music being played. Really wouldn't mind seeing these guys at a festival like Meredith. Would suit the slot Cut Copy did there a few years ago.

Two Door Cinema Club @ Festival Hall (2012-12-29) photo TwoDoorCinemaClub20121229_zps1f742ef6.jpg

1.  Sleep Alone
2.  Undercover Martyn
3.  Do You Want It All?
4.  This Is The Life
5.  Wake Up
6.  You're Not Stubborn
7.  Sun
8.  Pyramid
9.  I Can Talk
10. Costume Party
11. The World Is Watching
12. Next Year
13. Something Good Can Work
14. Handshake
15. Eat That Up, It's Good For You
16. Someday
17. Come Back Home
18. What You Know

Length: 1:09:17

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: CXAsLDu1uNAb0EPcR3zCDRN7Ft8XjdLVTuR-zByDK7o

Monday, September 2, 2013

Dick Diver @ The Curtin Bandroom (2012-09-22)

To be honest the reason it took me almost a year to get this show online is because I don't really remember it happening. I'd been to a wedding prior and made full use of the open bar they had there and only drank further once I arrived at the venue. A bad mistake on my part. At some point I spoke to one or more members of the band because they played The Keys for me and I'm not sure why I would request that song because I've seen it so much and there's other songs I'd love to see over it. But maybe drunk me just said the first song that came to mind.

The recording itself isn't that bad which is surprising. From memory I had the mics hanging over the balcony thingo on the right side while I went and did my thing which is good because I didn't talk all over it.

Also, I'm sorry Mark for being a drunken mess on the night and that you had to put up with it.

1.  Bondi 98
2.  Hammock Days
3.  The Keys
4.  Alice
5.  Water Damage
6.  Seagulls
7.  Lime Green Shirt
8.  Amber
9.  Calendar Days
10. Head Back

Length: 40:58

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Yellowcard @ Hi-Fi Bar and Ballroom (2012-09-20)

The 3rd time I've seen these guys and just like the last two I'm not overly impressed. I guess had I seen them when I was a teenager I'd be stoked but now as an adult I've just grown past the music. Oh well... at least I didn't have to pay for this one.

The crowd around me were really weird so I moved paces a few songs in but the sound doesn't get affected much. Other than that it's a pretty good recording. Lots of crowd singing on this one.

 photo Yellowcard20120920_zpsef73572d.jpg

1.  Awakening
2.  Rough Landing, Holly
3.  Breathing
4.  For You, and Your Denial
5.  Shrink The World
6.  Five Becomes Four
7.  Always Summer
8.  Hang You Up
9.  Sing For Me
10. Empty Apartment
11. With You Around
12. Drum Solo
13. Way Away
14. Believe
15. Only One
16. Lights and Sounds
17. Here I Am Alive
18. Light Up The Sky
19. Ocean Avenue

Length: 1:31:58

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: c8glNHw7VW3BhyryaQDVSze9WWcOJULnkcLTbVa8ECs

Monday, August 5, 2013

Band of Horses @ Big Day Out Festival (2013-01-26)

I've seen these guys do two acoustic shows before so it was really cool to see them in a different setting and play a handful of songs I was yet to see. I'm pretty sure The Funeral is one of the best songs ever and I was really drunk during this and  yeah...
There is a bit of unavoidable wind noise throughout this. Take it or leave it.

Band of Horses @ Big Day Out Festival (2013-01-26) photo BandofHorses20130126_zpsb819c074.jpg

1.  The First Song
2.  The Great Salt Lake
3.  Is There A Ghost
4.  Laredo
5.  Marry Song
6.  Electric Music
7.  Older
8.  No One's Gonna Love You
9.  Knock Knock
10. Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
11. The General Specific
12. The Funeral

Length: 53:39

Sound Quality: C+

Download Here

Download Key: FHx_MFaf7YvDK3XlLte3x3G5NqVY1yfIzeAxj1pPio8

Foals @ Big Day Out Festival (2013-01-26)

3rd time seeing these guys and equally as good as the previous two. Being just a few weeks before the newest album came out this set featured a few songs that were new to me but I really enjoyed them. Looking back I wish they had of played more new stuff. Also, how good is Two Steps, Twice live? I mean come on!!

Foals @ Big Day Out Festival (2013-01-26) photo Foals20130126_zps8bcc4302.jpg

1.  Prelude
2.  Olympic Airways
3.  Miami
4.  My Number
5.  Balloons
6.  Blue Blood
7.  Providence
8.  Spanish Sahara
9.  Red Socks Pugie
10. Inhaler
11. Two Steps, Twice

Length: 58:40

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: Dm-kuis0a1ylYzt5xS-PpjuArXQ5yakXxO8Y3bZ321c

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Karnivool @ Melbourne Town Hall, 01/08/2013 - Asymmetry album launch

So I'll begin with apologies for not recording the Northlane set, in the event that there is someone out there who wants to hear it. But in my brutally honest opinion, nobody's missing out at all. The headlining act have been known to choose some excellent supports in the past (last year being a prime example), but sometimes have fallen a bit short of the mark. Oh well, no harm done. And now to the whole point of this post...

Karnivool, Karnivool, motherfucking Karnivool. It has been a long wait between albums, but we all knew the wait would be worth it. Asymmetry dropped into our hands and CD players exactly two weeks ago, and the verdict is very much in - it rules. So much. The build-up for this show was absolutely huge, and it's fair to say that, for the most part, expectations were met. Can I really complain about this setlist? I do feel they played it just a little bit safe, but yeah, that's such a minor gripe in the grander scheme of things. Absolute. Sheer. Awesomeness. And the venue, while a little unorthodox, worked extremely well for such a big show.

It's a Vool show. People are excited, they sing, they talk a little bit, it comes up on the recording if they're standing right next to me. So just be aware of that :) at least it wasn't me this time though!

A.M. War
We Are
All I Know
The Last Few
The Refusal
Set Fire to the Hive
New Day
Alpha Omega


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Darkness @ Palace Theatre, 08/05/2012

Nothing says "nostalgia" like a good ol reunion tour, and we (Australia) certainly have had quite a few of those over the past few years, haven't we? When this tour was announced I must admit I did, for a brief second, question exactly whether I really still would enjoy the ridiculously overblown rock extravaganza that is The Darkness, then I thought, "Hell, I'm not gonna get another chance" and bought a ticket almost immediately. Well, this could not have been a more fun evening. The UK rock gods were in absolutely top form - Justin sounded fantastic, every song off Permission to Land made it in, new tunes sounded great, what more could you ask for? Sometimes music just ain't meant to be taken too seriously.

Sound quality isn't so great unfortunately. You'll need to turn it up.

(Intro) (I would of course appreciate anyone who can tell me the name of this piece and/or composer associated with it)
Black Shuck
Growing On Me
The Best of Me
One Way Ticket
Nothin's Gonna Stop Us
Get Your Hands Off My Woman
I Can't Believe It's Not Love
Holding My Own (Justin solo)
Love Is Only A Feeling
Friday Night
Every Inch Of You
Is It Just Me?
Street Spirit (Fade Out)
(Radiohead cover)
With a Woman
Givin' Up
Stuck in a Rut
I Believe in a Thing Called Love
Hazel Eyes
Love on the Rocks with No Ice (SUPER MEGA EXTENDED VERSION)


Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Bronx @ Belly Up Tavern (2012-04-17)

Seriously love these guys. Was really gutted when they were announced as supports for Soundgarden earlier in the year and not having tickets to see them. However, when this show was announced it seemed like the planets aligned so that I could see them... or something. Regardless, here is a typically awesome Bronx show. It was cool to see them work The Hives' crowd from not being overly interested to being much more animated and into it.

I recorded this from directly to the right of the soundboard so the sound is pretty good. However, the vocals are quite low throughout as they were on the night. Not sure what was going on there...

The Bronx @ Belly Up Tavern (2012-04-17)

1.  Intro
2.  Knifeman
3.  Rape Zombie
4.  White Tar
5.  Inveigh
6.  Shitty Future
7.  False Alarm
8.  I Got Chills
9.  Six Days A Week
10. Under The Rabbit
11. White Guilt
12. They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy)
13. Heart Attack American
14. History's Stranglers

Length: 48:20

Sound Quality: B

Download Here

Download Key: HD7eG3GDEn3DvAOfhJVYPG2Autx4IejZtPs-uu6jURo

The Bronx @ Soundwave Festival (2011-03-04)

Oh man. Forgot how much fun The Bronx are at a festival. Despite the fact that it was freezing by the time they came on everyone in the crowd thoroughly enjoyed them. The setlist is a truncated version of the night priors. A different song or two would have been awesome but whatever.

The Bronx

1. Intro
2. Knifeman
3. Rape Zombie
4. Shitty Future
5. White Tar
6. Inveigh
7. Under The Rabbit
8. Six Days A Week
9. Strobe Life
10. Around The Horn
11. Heart Attack American
12. History's Stranglers

Length: 41:15

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: KrEsKyH4cOzvEotKIE5Bc2srb_t9ns3EpkR9cRzkX_4

The Bronx @ The Corner Hotel (2011-03-03)

This set probably cemented the fact that The Bronx are my favorite band to see live. So fun to watch and sing along to. Was really glad they played Around The Horn and Strobe Life as I'm yet to see them. And the new song is pretty rad too. New album should be soon!

The Bronx

1. Intro
2. Knifeman
3. Rape Zombie
4. Shitty Future
5. White Tar
6. Inveigh
7. Under The Rabbit
8. Six Days A Week
9. Around The Horn
10. Strobe Life
11. White Guilt
12. They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy)
13. Heart Attack American
14. History's Stranglers
15. False Alarm
16. Kill My Friends

Length: 57:42

Sound Quality: A-

Download Here

Download Key: PAvL_zJsa0QYM-yApWTtcCwo5NAntw1PNZ-1ZtHe1_I

The Bronx @ The Corner Hotel (2013-04-30)

Pretty typical Bronx show. Lots of energy and as always... it was loud. It was great to see a bunch of new songs after seeing them tour the last album 4 times. And even better they switched it up the following night.

As always, this was recorded left side of the venue and the sound is fairly good.

 photo TheBronx20130430_zpsebb76531.jpg

1.  Intro
2.  The Unholy Hand
3.  White Tar
4.  Shitty Future
5.  Under The Rabbit
6.  Rape Zombie
7.  Too Many Devils
8.  Six Days A Week
9.  Youth Wasted
10. Knifeman
11. White Guilt
12. Ribcage
13. They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy)
14. Valley Heat
15. Heart Attack American
16. I Got Chills
17. History's Stranglers

Length: 1:10:51

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: BsHG-iT85H3BF-1jmDt1ql1KN6w3s8kSxiIPhP8muT0

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Bronx @ The Corner Hotel (2013-05-01)

So... this is probably the best Bronx show I've seen out of the 6 (7?) times I've seen them. I don't know why this one stands out I just really enjoyed it. Maybe because I finally got to see them play Oceans of Class I'm not sure. I've just wanted to see that song since I first heard them. It's not even one of my favourites. Notice of Eviction was a surprise and actually ruled. Really happy they did that one. Now I've only got one track left of that album to see.

Thanks for switching setlists up between the two nights as well. Love when bands do that.

This was recorded from my usual spot by the left side emergency exit. The sound is clear and like it was on the night.

 photo TheBronx20130501_zpsa6dda9c9.jpg

1.  Intro
2.  Inveigh
3.  The Unholy Hand
4.  Shitty Future
5.  Oceans of Class
6.  Notice of Eviction
7.  Pilot Light
8.  White Tar
9.  Under The Rabbit
10. Youth Wasted
11. Six Days A Week
12. Style Over Everything
13. White Guilt
14. They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy)
15. Ribcage
16. Knifeman
17. History's Stranglers
18. False Alarm
19. Heart Attack American

Length: 1:12:32

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: RZXWv3OHO-SYQnubmjsUTFYoEKQRPDrT66_EnZC_IcA

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Refused @ The Palace (2012-11-15)

Writing this now its been over half a year since the show and despite how drunk I was I remember the night quite vividly. I'd started off at home with a few pre-drinks and met up with a friend on the train and then we went to Spicy Noodle Cafe for dinner. I had the spicy chicken noodle and a coopers green. Afterwards, we decided to stick around there and have a few drinks because it was happy hour (happy hour is 5-9) and before long we were 5 or 6 drinks down. Then another friend came to meet us and he had dinner and we drank some more. Needless to say.. 9:30 rolled around and by the time we realized we hauled ass to get to The Palace on time and made it inside (grabbing a beer or two as we passed the bar) just in time to catch Refused come out. If I'd been there earlier I would have left in the pulsating noise thing as an intro to the recording but I wasn't. Sorry.

The show itself was pretty spectacular. Although I'd already seen them earlier in the year at Coachella I was beyond excited for this. That mixed with all the beers meant I did something I normally wouldn't at a show in that I got pretty rowdy. Yep.. I was front and centre sweating it up and screaming my lungs out. Stupid I know but in my defence it would be the last chance I would get to do it at a Refused show so I made the most of it. However, the heat and all the alcohol caught up with me during Life Support Addiction and I had to make a sneaky trip to the bathroom to vomit. Classy right? Luckily I made it back for Worms of The Senses / Faculties of The Skull because if I'd missed that I would have been pretty shattered. Man that song rules live.

Anyway. Great show. Reform again in 10 years or so and we'll do it all again OK?

Recording wise this one isn't the best. As mentioned I was on the drink and 3 songs in wanted to go and get rowdy. So, I gave my equipment to a friend who was there and he recorded from the mid-back left of the venue. At one point he leaves to go to the toilet so I patched that bit with some audio I found on youtube. There's also a bit of talking in parts.
Listen to this one with an open mind. It is one of the last shows they played and it ruled.

 photo Refused20121115_zps9d3c25c4.jpg

1.  The Shape of Punk To Come
2.  The Refused Party Program
3.  Liberation Frequency
4.  Rather Be Dead
5.  Coup D'Etat
6.  Summerholidays vs. Punkroutine
7.  The Deadly Rhythm
8.  Hook, Line and Sinker
9.  Protest Song '68
10. Refused Are Fucking Dead
11. Life Support Addiction
12. Worms of The Senses / Faculties of The Skull
13. New Noise
14. Tannhäuser / Derivè

Length: 1:08:15

Sound Quality: C-

Download Here

Download Key: AL3_X03W5pGuM2jQjPVLpSO1qCRWyyuphk5899AT33I

Friday, May 17, 2013

Trial Kennedy @ Corner Hotel, 23/06/2012 - FINAL SHOW EVER

Well. Farewell gigs kinda suck, don't they? It was only a few weeks after me and quite a few mates were at the Hi Fi Bar saying goodbye at The Butterfly Effect's last gig with singer Clint Boge (and many secretly thought, their last ever gig), and now a lot of the same people were gathered again, this time at the Corner Hotel, for one last hurrah for Melbourne rockers Trial Kennedy. You know what, I don't think I appreciated this band enough when they were around. I saw them a few times as a support band, always really enjoyed their two albums, but I don't think I ever got to a headline show until this one. Oh well, at least I was there at the very end, and it was a good way to go out. The band seemed to be pretty happy with how they were wrapping things up, and they played a great setlist with pretty much all the "hits" and a few rare treats for everyone. Well, this was ages ago so I've really not got a lot to say about it anymore, except it was a very fun night. With a bit of luck, we might see more from the band members in the future (other than appearances on The Voice, hopefully).

Sound quality is a little variable. I was having a pretty good time moving around, and I also wasn't that close to the stage. But hey, it's their last show ever. So at least a recording exists :)

Sunday Warning
Strange Behaviour
Living Undesigned
Breathe a Dime
My Idol Who?
Damage on Parade
The Great Escape
Colour Day Tours
Pac Man
Arrest Room
Tuesdays Shoes
War King
Knife Light
Mississippi Burn


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Scott & Charlene's Wedding @ The Curtin Bandroom (2013-03-15)

Haven't really listened to these guys as much as I should but I guess that after this show I will from now on. Really enjoyed this one and listening back it's even better.

This recording is a mix between my audience capture and a really good soundboard recording. The Curtin is quickly becoming my favorite place to record because every show I'm getting there is sounding fantastic.

 photo ScottampCharlenesWedding20130315_zpsc1dc8f04.jpg

3.  Treat Yourself
4.  Epping Line
5.  Gammy Leg
7.  Footscray Station
8.  Wiseman At The Station

Length: 40:31

Sound Quality: A-

Download Here

Download Key: dSoOaWYmTPLZBRwZGzGySmiEbPNUGhoH8uTp329pNXY

Sunday, April 21, 2013

BADBADNOTGOOD @ Coachella Festival (2012-04-21)

So this set happened quite early in the morning in the campsite and it was already really hot and stuffy and I just wanted to be in the shade of my tent but I'm really glad I came and saw them again. The set 2 nights prior was good fun and this was a continuation of that. I'm not really overly familiar with their material so I only have the name of one song...

 photo BADBADNOTGOOD20120421_zps169803fa.jpg

5.  Flashing Lights

Length: 43:04

Sound Quality: B

Download Here

Download Key: cN-BLEYacKyZIoD8YfwfqT5VpfNkfBvn2YSD8hpYiIA

Friday, March 29, 2013

BADBADNOTGOOD @ Coachella Festival (2012-04-19)

So we really only decided to catch these guys last minute after I spent half an hour convincing my friends it would be good and it actually really was. However, we couldn't find where they were playing and walked around aimlessly for 20 odd minutes and missed a lot of it. But once we did find our way in we had a fun time with them. Really cool way to end a long day of drinking and to start off the festival. I made sure to catch them again before the weekend was out and that show will be uploaded another time.

 photo BADBADNOTGOOD20120419_zpscee0f85c.jpg

1.  Limit To Your Love
2.  Flashing Lights

Length: 15:27

Sound Quality: B-

Download Here

Download Key: UpS9hl-H-x49FsjAaVzka2rn7XpIoyFzaZk0jUlrfHQ

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Godspeed You! Black Emperor @ I'll Be Your Mirror Festival (2013-02-16)

The end of my 3 night Godspeed run and while it was a slightly truncated version of the Enmore show two days prior it was no less impressive. Once again Hope Drone > Mladic ruled and Moya was good to see again. However, new track Behemoth was again the standout and is quickly climbing up the ranks as my favorite Godspeed song.

This was recorded in line with the left speaker stack about 3-4 meters from the barrier. This resulted in quite a clear recording free of a lot of crowd noise.

 photo GodspeedYouBlackEmperor20130216_zps37f9d530.jpg

1.  Hope Drone
2.  Mladic
3.  Moya
4.  Chart #3
5.  World Police and Friendly Fire
6.  Behemoth

Length: 1:41:33

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dick Diver @ The Curtin Bandroom (2013-02-22)

Dick Diver are pretty much the best band in Australia and anyone who knows me knows about my love for them. So I try to get along to as many of their shows as I can. This one especially as it would be their last headliner before the new album 'Calendar Days' drops so I was excited for the new songs. In particular the title track of the new album rules and is my favorite song of theirs by far. So goddamn catchy. Amber and Water Damage are also really good. And yay for Flying Tea Towel Blues in any set they play.

This set was recorded from the soundboard area using a mix of room microphones and a soundboard output. The result is one of, if not the best recording I've ever done and I couldn't be happier it was for Dick Diver.

 photo DickDiver20130222_zps8c598466.jpg

1.  Alice
2.  Hammock Days
3.  Walk For Room
4.  Interstate Forever
5.  Flying Tea Towel Blues
6.  Head Back
7.  Calendar Days
8.  Amber
9.  Lime Green Shirt
10. Water Damage

Length: 46:02

Sound Quality: A+

Download Here

Dick Diver @ Schoolhouse Studios (2013-01-28)

Things that are annoying. Standing outside a venue listening to the muffled sounds of the band you're most excited for because the idiots who are running the door are slow and inefficient. Yep.. that's what happened here and I missed the first 4 songs of Dick Diver and it sucked. Lucky however I got there in time for a 4 song run of new tracks that are all pretty great.

 photo DickDiver20130128_zpsc700b953.jpg

1.  Water Damage
2.  Alice
3.  Amber
4.  Calendar Days
5.  Head Back

Length: 22:59

Sound Quality: C-

Download Here

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Royal Headache @ Meredith Music Festival (2012-12-08)

First time I saw these guys was at Golden Plains a few years back and I've been a fan ever since. And it's safe to say not much has changed since then. They still write catchy as fuck songs and they still put on a fantastic show. A few new ones in there as always. You Get Me High will get stuck in your head after hearing it.

This was recorded on the barrier on the inside of the left speaker stack. The sound is great and quite true to how it sounded at the festival. Enjoy!!
Note: the picture below is not mine but one I found on the internet. If it is yours and you want it taken down let me know and I will do so no questions asked.

 photo RoyalHeadache20121208_zps4f5505ae.jpg

1.  Down The Lane
2.  Never Again
3.  You Get Me High
4.  Really In Love
5.  Another World
6.  Girls
7.  Eloise
8.  Stand and Stare
9.  Psychotic Episode
10. Distant and Vague
11. Pity
13. Surprise
14. Honey Joy

Length: 34:02

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: AuKzOHKhNGghN4TbIEUR8x0VaZBDUdLdOBhUXx2lB8s

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Laura @ RRR Performance Space (2009-11-08)

It's been a few years since this show and a little while since I've shared it but that's because some guy at RRR had a go at me but with Laura granting me permission to share recordings of theirs on the Live Music Archive I've felt its time to put it back up.

I remember running late and missing the first bit of Every Light and the venue being packed. This was probably due to Laura not really playing many shows around the time. If I recall this was their first in over a year.
The intro to Cardboard Cutout was pretty cool and the song ruled. It was the first time I heard it and I listened back on it heaps after this.  Glint (or Ginger as it was known at the time) was also a short and sweet song unlike anything they'd done before.

This is an FM broadcast so the sound is quite full. To me it sounds a little mixed down but regardless it's a great listen. The album art I made is from a picture Laura posted on their tumblr account. I thought it appropriate to their music and better than the idea I initially had.

Laura @ RRR Performance Space photo Laura20091108.jpg

1.  Intro
2.  Every Light
3.  Bobik Is In Amerika
4.  I Hope
5.  Is There No Help For The Widow's Son?
6.  Shot In The Arm
7.  Glint
8.  Mark The Day
9.  Cardboard Cutout Robot Victim Hero Children

Length: 42:15

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Godspeed You! Black Emperor @ The Forum (2013-02-15)

Godspeed!! The Sad Mafioso!!! While not as impressive as the show the night prior this was still one hell of a show. Behemoth fucking rules and they did The Sad Mafioso which pretty much made my life. Gathering Storm was really good to see as well and man.. I could watch this band so many more times and still be blown away by them.

This was recorded very close to the left speaker stack. At the start of Behemoth I leave to go to the bathroom and a friend holds on to the microphones resulting in a different low end response for a couple of minutes.

 photo GodspeedYouBlackEmperor20130215_zpse71ffe7f.jpg

1.  Hope Drone
2.  Mladic
3.  Lift Yr. Skinny Fists, Like Antennas To Heaven...
4.  Gathering Storm/Il Pleut à Mourir [+Clatters Like Worry]
5.  Behemoth
6.  The Sad Mafioso

Length: 1:50:44

Sound Quality: A-

Download Here

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fucked Up @ Prince Bandroom (2013-02-26)

Fuck yes Fucked Up rule. I love seeing these dudes play. They just put on such a fun show. As always Damian was crazy and picking up dudes and spinning them around and stuff. Spent less time in the crowd this time around than the last few times I've seen them. It was a shame the venue was only around half full though. Would have been so much more hectic if it sold out. Oh well...
Oh and did I mention they played Two Snakes because I asked for it? Yep, it was me and it was the best. Been so keen on seeing that song since I first listened to Fucked Up about 6 years ago now and it was fantastic. Thanks guys :)

This was recorded from the left side of the venue in line with the PA but at a 40 degree angle to the stage. The sound is clear and how it sounded on the night.
Also, stupid girl who wouldn't stop screaming... shut the fuck up and learn the proper lyrics you dickhole.

 photo FuckedUp20130226_zps6c1e5d7a.jpg

1.  Let Her Rest
2.  Queen of Hearts
3.  Under My Nose
4.  David Comes To Life
5.  Black Albino Bones
6.  Turn The Season
7.  I Hate Summer
9.  Baiting The Public
10. Son The Father
11. Magic Word
12. Police
13. The Other Shoe
14. Two Snakes


Sound Quality: B

Download Here

Download Key:UnW4KEYa7NVH1enkkZXJ2DqxyAsGo-vkHGj7tKSYe10

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thee Oh Sees @ Schoolhouse Studios (2013-01-28)

This is the second year Thee Oh Sees have done an Australia Day show in Melbourne and I truly hope that it continues for many more. It really is just the best way to spend the public holiday. Great music, great people and a few beers in the sun. This year featured a few more bands than last year and all of them ruled but that is for another post...

Thee Oh Sees came out and did what they do best. This would be the 7th or 8th time I've seen them so I won't write too much about it. 4 new songs from the upcoming album in this recording and quite honestly, they are all pretty great. Toe Cutter - Thumb Blaster and Tunnel Time being my favourites. Dead Energy was pretty great as always and man I just wish I could see this set again.

This was recorded pretty much in line with the left speaker stack. The sound is almost exactly how it sounded on the day. Nick who does sound for Thee Oh Sees when they tour here did a great job as always and it reflects in the recording.

 photo TheeOhSees20130128_zps66c7e1b7.jpg

1.  The Dream
2.  Toe Cutter - Thumb Blaster
3.  I Come From The Mountain
4.  Carrion Crawler
5.  Lupine Dominus
6.  Tunnel Time
7.  Block of Ice
8.  Contraption/Soul Desert
9.  Strawberries 1 + 2
10. Dead Energy

Length: 59:35

Sound Quality: A-

Download Here

Download Key: FhBtOACmiatKt45nIIGwJ0JVZhx9uc-MCA6KRFzUw24

Friday, March 8, 2013

Tame Impala @ Meredith Music Festival (2012-12-07)

Jeez it's been like 3 years since I saw these guys. In fact the last time I saw them was at the Supernatural Amphitheatre. In fact, all 3 times I've seen them it's been there...
Anyway, needless to say this is the first time I've seen them since the new album dropped and it translates fantastically to a live setting. Elephant > Feels Like We Only Go Backwards was pretty much the best thing ever and the jammed out versions of some songs are pretty interesting. I should really catch these guys at a headline show sometime.

This was recorded on the barrier towards the left speaker stack. About halfway in (I think during Elephant) I leave to use the bathroom so the sound goes a little weird. However using my decent editing skills I've kept the sound level quite constant. When I come back however I'm not in the same spot so the sound isn't as consistent throughout as I'd like it to be. But, considering the circumstances I'm quite happy with this recording.
Note: this photo isn't mine but is one I found on the web. If you want me to take it down let me know and I will do so.

 photo TameImpala20121207_zps9e1d6ae9.jpg

1.  Solitude Is Bliss (w/outro jam)
2.  Endors Toi
3.  It Is Not Meant To Be
4.  Music To Walk Home By
5.  Elephant
6.  Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
7.  Desire Be Desire Go
8.  Apocalypse Dreams
9.  Half Full Glass of Wine (extended)

Length: 52:00

Sound Quality: B-

Download Here

Download Key: L6NG-k__mZSDgeYI6AhNRET4r8MIbDzjm8-s17BhRuo

Thursday, March 7, 2013

New War @ The Corner Hotel (2013-02-08)

Man I haven't seen these for a while now but they're still the same amount of awesome. First time I've seen Black Site Cantos since I first saw them (also their first ever show) and it was great. Revealer is still the standout track though.

This set took place on the side stage and as such the sound isn't preferable. A little muddy but still enjoyable to listen to.

 photo NewWar20130208_zpsb2658684.jpg

1.  Calling From The Inside
2.  Game of Love
4.  Black Site Cantos
5.  Slim Dandy
6.  Ghostwalking
7.  Revealer

Length: 35:17

Sound Quality: C+

Download Here


Boomgates @ Meredith Music Festival (2012-12-09)

Whoa I can't believe it's been over a year and a half since I caught these guys, and I'm glad to say not much has changed in that time and they're still a pretty fantastic band. The 3rd track here is a new one and the first time it has been played. Gutsy move at a festival but they pulled it off. I'm a little upset they've dropped Levitate from the set because that song was a great closer but Whispering Or Singing does a good job replacing it. Flood Plains was also nice to finally see live.

This was recorded on the barrier just left of centre. The sound is clear and the performance is great.

 photo Boomgates20121209_zpsa5c9bf13.jpg

1.  Natural Progression
2.  Any Excuse
4.  Bright Idea
5.  Everything
6.  Flood Plains
7.  Layman's Terms
8.  Cameo
9.  Whispering Or Singing

Length: 37:15

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: NQFs6kfjrHnFl023cHDcy2fshVp3suDDusntC07vrq8

My Disco @ The Corner Hotel (2013-02-08)

Been pretty excited for this show since it was announced for a few reasons. Firstly it has been ages since I saw My Disco do a headline set and secondly the chance to hear some older rarities. And I'm glad to say they ruled and played a bunch I haven't seen before. In The Benelux absolutely ruled and German For Attention was one I was glad to knock off the list. This was also the first time I heard Wrapped Coast and I dig it. I'm really interested to see where they go with the next record sans drums.

This was recorded in my normal spot but the volume inside the venue was quite loud so the recording isn't as good as it would normally be. However, still pretty great to listen to.

 photo MyDisco20130208_zpsa83fd5de.jpg

1.  Administer A Prosthetic Dream
2.  Wrapped Coast
3.  Drumo Solo
4.  Turn
5.  German For Attention
6.  Perfect Protection
7.  Young
8.  You Came To Me Like A Cancer Lain Dormant Until It Blossomed Like A Rose
9.  With Age
10. In The Benelux
11. Inhaler

Length: 57:11

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key:dh7Y6SjupwP14B0F5GJClmYMkQIP_kdN5u_GYvaPTmA

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thee Oh Sees @ Hi-Fi Bar and Ballroom (2013-01-31)

Man I just could never get tired of seeing these guys play live. Every time I see them they throw in a couple of new songs and despite having seen them a few days prior (recording to follow) they still managed to squeeze in another song I hadn't heard yet. This set has a nice mix of songs and as always there are a few that are jammed out (Block of Ice/Dead Energy come to mind) that absolutely rule.

On a side note do these guys have the biggest boner for Melbourne or what? I think they've done 3 shows here every tour they've done.

This was recorded from my ideal spot in the venue. Just behind the dance floor on the top step slightly off centre. The results from there always come out excellent and this show was no exception.

 photo TheeOhSees20130131_zps3d4b7723.jpg

1.  The Dream
2.  Lupine Dominus
3.  Toe Cutter - Thumb Blaster
4.  Block of Ice
5.  Contraption/Soul Desert
6.  Carrion Crawler
7.  I Was Denied
8. Strawberries 1 + 2
9.  I Come From The Mountain
10. Tidal Wave
11. Dead Energy
12. The Flute Song
13. Minotaur

Length: 1:18:20

Sound Quality: A-

Download Here

Download Key: QMxzh3nn3hJZjjKMqhRjWhUCT9UzolMGVfYN3s2KwA0

Friday, March 1, 2013

Against Me! @ The HiFi (2013-01-22)

Supported by The Smith Street Band and Fear Like Us

The Smith Street Band
I unfortunately missed Fear Like Us but made damn sure I got there in time for The Smith Street Band who I wanted to see almost as much as the headline band tonight. As usual they played a brilliant set and really got the crowd going to the point that I was a little worried they might show up the main act. I was also surprised how many people were singing along considering it was a support slot.

1. Sunshine & Technology
2. I Ain't Safe
3. What's Changed
4. Tom Busby
5. I Want Friends
6. When I Was a Boy I Thought I Was a Fish
7. Postcodes (For People Who Will Not Arrest Me)
8. Young Drunk

Length: 39:54

Against Me!
As it turned out no one can show up Against Me! cause they're still one of the best live bands on the planet. Epic 24 song set though it would have been perfect if they'd played even just one more song from RAR. New drummer looked like he was having fun and did a good job. Not much else to say, can't wait for them to come back again and hope the new album is good!


1. Pints of Guinness Make You Strong
2. White Crosses
3. True Trans Soul Rebel
4. Don't Lose Touch
5. New Wave
6. Walking Is Still Honest
7. Americans Abroad
8. White People for Peace
9. I Was a Teenage Anarchist
10. Turn Those Clapping Hands Into Angry Balled Fists
11. Osama Bin Laden as the Crucified Christ
12. Up the Cuts
13. Miami
14. Pretty Girls (The Mover)
15. The Ocean
16. Black Me Out
17. Drinking with the Jocks
18. Because of the Shame
19. Thrash Unreal
20. Joy
21. Transgender Dysphoria Blues
22. Cliché Guevara
23. Piss and Vinegar
24. Sink, Florida, Sink

Length: 1:22:11

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Against Me! @ Big Day Out (2013-01-26)

So this set was pretty great for being so early in the day. Good energy and great singalongs throughout. I was a little hesitant going in with the whole Tom/Laura switch but about 30 seconds in I'd forgotten about it when I remembered how much this band rules. A few more older tracks would have been great but whatever. With a set this fun I can't complain more than that. I wish I'd done the sideshow as well :(

This was recorded towards the left of stage almost in line with the speaker stacks. There is a bit of wind noise throughout which is unavoidable but other than that a very enjoyable recording. Also, for those with a keen eye I used the 2011 tour poster to make a cover for this recording because it's great and makes a good cover and the one this year wasn't so good.

 photo AgainstMe20130126_zps2c29dc63.jpg

1.  Americans Abroad
2.  White People For Peace
3.  White Crosses
4.  True Trans Soul Rebel
5.  Don't Lose Touch
6.  New Wave
7.  Walking Is Still Honest
8.  Drinking With The Jocks
9.  I Was A Teenage Anarchist
10. Osama Bin Laden As The Crucified Christ
11. Thrash Unreal
12. Black Me Out
13. Pints of Guinness Make You Strong
14. Sink, Florida, Sink

Length: 43:36

Sound Quality: B-

Download Here

Download Key: I2_0diLV7fmWgEtDICYhoQ2TtWcjis8ejLqxpGhPyEY

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

65daysofstatic @ The Corner Hotel (2013-01-04)

This tour was long overdue. I've been wanting to see 65 since One Time For All Time came out back in 2005 and for one reason or another they never made it down here. And it sucks in a way because they aren't as popular now as they were a few years ago and that meant the crowd was quite thin for this show. That aside.. the wait was most certainly worth it because the guys put one a pretty damn fine show.

This was recorded in my usual spot by the left speaker stack and the sound quality is pretty spot on.

65daysofstatic @ The Corner Hotel (2013-01-04) photo 65daysofstatic20130104.jpg

1.  Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here
2.  Piano Fights
3.  Await Rescue
4.  Install A Beak In The Heart That Clucks Time In Arabic
5.  Crash Tactics
6.  Dance Dance Dance
7.  Weak4
8.  Debutante
9.  Fix The Sky A Little
10. Type A
11. Mountainhead
12. PX3
13. Retreat! Retreat!
14. Radio Protector
15. Tiger Girl

Length: 1:27:10

Sound Quality: A-

Download Here

Download Key: SyXbsyKeZBtKMfXpq9QgEgXVAl8GCvCCWlfIJsW0CZs

The Smith Street Band @ The Reverence Hotel (2013-02-24)

These guys are probably the best band going around at the moment and I'm sure I wrote something similar when I uploaded the Big Day Out show so I'll keep this one short. These guys rule. Big singalongs for every song and they played Get High, See Mice which I hadn't seen yet. Overall a great show. Just wish it was longer!

I was unfamiliar with the venue so I stealth recorded this one on the right side. It came out ok but I wish it was better.

The Smith Street Band @ The Reverence Hotel (2013-02-24) photo TheSmithStreetBand20130224_zps13e9f04a.jpg

1.  Postcodes (For People Who Will Not Arrest Me)
2.  Sunshine & Technology
3.  I Ain't Safe
4.  Get High, See Mice
5.  I Want Friends
6.  When I Was A Boy I Thought I Was A Fish
7.  Young Drunk
8.  Sigourney Weaver

Length: 44:27

Sound Quality: B-

Download Here

Download Key: GvtbmUQ7yy4i0XCLfEbGG0gzSwJo3r_MQc7f8S9G2v4

Godspeed You! Black Emperor @ Enmore Theatre (2012-02-14)

Fuck yes!!! Godspeed in Australia. Finally!
Despite having already seen them at Coachella last year I was ridiculously excited for this show. Seeing them headline at such a great venue would mean this was goign to be something else and it was. The sound was fantastic and due to the nature of the venue I could see the whole band and all the visuals the whole set and it was just perfect.
Setlist wise this is pretty much what I wanted. Mladic rules from the new album and getting Moya and Monheim was unexpected. The new song Behemoth is exactly that. It's massive! Clocking in at over 40 minutes it is the highlight of the set and I really look forward to seeing what they do with it album wise later on.

This was recorded from midway up the slope slightly right of centre. There is a little chatter between myself and the guy I went with during the first half of the show but it doesn't take away from the set at all. Really happy with this recording.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor @ Enmore Theatre (2013-02-14) photo GodspeedYouBlackEmperor20130214_zpse1a31543.jpg

1.  Hope Drone
2.  Mladic
3.  Moya
4.  Murray Ostril: '...They Don't Sleep Anymore On The Beach...'
5.  Monheim
6.  Chart #3
7.  World Police and Friendly Fire
8.  Behemoth

Length: 1:58:11

Sound Quality: A

Download Here

Monday, February 25, 2013

Jeff Mangum @ Coachella Festival (2012-04-21)

So this set was one of the surprise highlights of the weekend. I'm kind of half and half on Neutral Milk Hotel but seeing Jeff do it solo was just fantastic. And despite the sound being really low (very little PA was used) the crowd was generally really good around where we were. The Daniel Johnston cover was just wonderful and all round I wish I could see him do this set in a club environment. Just so freaking good.

This was recorded nearish to the left PA. We got there late and had to leave a little early so the first and last songs cut off. Sorry guys. If anyone has any footage or an audio commentary of the missing bits let me know and I'll patch them onto this so I can share the complete set.

 photo JeffMangum20120421_zpse9a7a9d5.jpg

1.  Two-Headed Boy Pt. Two
2.  Holland, 1945
3.  Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone
4.  True Love Will Find You In The End (Daniel Johnston Cover)
5.  The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. One
6.  The King of Carrot Flowers Pts. Two & Three
7.  In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
8.  Oh Comely
9.  Ghost
10. Naomi
11. Two-Headed Boy

Length: 45:58

Sound Quality: B-

Download Here

Download Key: Wnf3tHLYIBGrMjBjt4wLuHF7raoWxiyp_yqbbK-_fAE

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Patrick Wolf @ The Forum II (2012-09-11)

The second time I've seen Patrick Wolf and vastly different to the first. Where the first was a full experience this was a stripped back semi-acoustic affair. Honestly I can't pick the better one.

Starting off with Overture I was pretty much sold on this. It's the best song from that album and from there on the show was pretty great. A few faults by Patrick here and there but his sheepish embarrassment made up for it.

This recording is far from my best but it's due to the nature of the show. It's hard to get a good sound at low volumes and the audience applause peaks the recording. Also, what's with everyone yelling out at Patrick? Really takes away from the mood guys.
Note: This is not my picture but one I found on the internet. If you want it removed let me know and I will do so.

Patrick Wolf @ The Forum II (2012-09-11) photo PatrickWolf20120911_zpscbd93946.jpg

1.  Overture
2.  Teignmouth
3.  Bitten
4.  Tristan
5.  Paris
6.  Hard Times
7.  Oblivion
8.  Bluebells
9.  Together
10. Wind In The Wires
11. Armistice
12. House
13. The Magic Position
14. Wolf Song
15. Trust
16. The City

Length: 1:22:40

Sound Quality: C-

Download Here

Download Key: IPSXWE4vT3_JbUYPhpbN4inzXAsfKx3Izg4m7tKr6bA

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hot Snakes @ Meredith Music Festival (2012-12-08)

I was a little excited for this one. Hot Snakes had been high on my rotation leading up to the festival and with the addition of both drummers there was sure to be a good selection of songs from each of the album. In the end the set was split into sections where 5-6 tracks from an album were played quickly in succession. I loved it. I just wished they had longer to play.

This set was recorded on the barrier towards the left speaker stack. The sound is very nice and I am quite happy with it. If anyone knows the name of the X cover that would be great.
Note: this isn't my photo. I didn't take any and stole this from the web somewhere. If you don't want me to use it let me know and I'll take it down.

Hot Snakes @ Meredith Music Festival (2012-12-08)

1.  I Hate The Kids
2.  Gar Forgets His Insulin
3.  XOX
4.  Who Died
5.  LAX
6.  Suicide Invoice
7.  Past Lives
8.  If Credit's What Matters I'll Take Credit
9.  Automatic Midnight
10. No Hands
11. This Mystic Decade
12. Braintrust
13. Hi-Lites
14. Retrofit
15. Think About Carbs
16. **Unknown Song** (X cover)
17. Plenty For All

Length: 46:16

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: TseG0iU194a8a-oT56KRO1cWp4BIprp27cFUPYiYNHA

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Turbonegro @ Meredith Music Festival (2012-12-08)

Oh god! Did the Amphitheatre ever see a set us fun as this one before? I think not. As soon as All My Friends Are Dead started I was sold. This was going to be something special. Makeup, custumes and stupid stage antics aside this was good but with those elements added in it just got better. I was skeptical about Tony doing vocals on all of Hank's songs but the dude nailed it. He sounded nothing like him and put his own spin on it and it worked so stupidly well. I want these guys to play this festival every year. I could never tire of it. It was just that fun.

This set was recorded on the barrier towards the left speaker stack. Somewhere in the middle (track 8-10) I leave to go to the toilet but with the magic of technology I do a decent enough job of keeping the volume a constant level. Sorry... I had to pee. Other than that the sound is quite nice for a festival set. But then again. It's always good at Meredith.
Note: this isn't my photo. I didn't take any and stole this from the web somewhere. If you don't want me to use it let me know and I'll take it down.

Turbonegro @ Meredith Music Festival (2012-12-08)

1.  All My Friends Are Dead
2.  Back To Dungaree High
3.  Mister Sister
4.  I Got A Knife
5.  You Give Me Worms
6.  TNA (The Nihilistic Army)
7.  Dude Without A Face
8.  Deathtime
9.  Wasted Again
10. We're Gonna Drop The Atom Bomb
11. Fuck The World
12. Get It On
13. The Age of Pamparius
14. I Got Erection

Length: 1:01:10

Sound Quality: B+

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Smith Street Band @ Melbourne Big Day Out (2013-01-16)

For a band I listen to so much I really don't get around to seeing them enough which is a shame because The Smith Street Band put on one ridiculously fun show. Led by Wil Wagner the local boys gave an even showing of tracks from both their LP's. I would have liked to have seen more that I hadn't previously but considering it's a festival set I knew they'd play a concise set of 'hits'. Maybe I'll catch a headlining show soon.

This was recording from directly in line with the left speaker stack. I chose this spot because I thought it would bring out the guitars more as the drums sounded a little too loud in the mix during the sound check but it didn't do much. Not sure what the sound guy was doing during this one as they were completely drowned out the whole set. Not to mention being ridiculously loud.

The Smith Street Band @ Melbourne Big Day Out (2013-01-26)

1.  Sunshine & Technology
2.  I Ain't Safe
3.  Postcodes (For People Who Will Not Arrest Me)
4.  I Want Friends
5.  I Can't Feel My Face
6.  When I Was A Boy I Thought I Was A Fish
7.  Young Drunk
8.  Sigourney Weaver

Length: 37:40

Sound Quality: B

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Download Key: a7LqICH8vTmgbh-8Db3W1V_FaopAlHNUm3IyQ2DQudQ

The Smith Street Band @ The East Brunswick Club (2012-02-20)

I caught these guys a few months prior supporting Fucked Up and I was immediately a fan. In the 3 months between then and this show I'd heard people consistently rave about them. In that space a friend of mine has seen them 11 times I think. Fair enough too because they're pretty great. In this set they preview a few new songs from the upcoming album.

I recorded this near the right speaker stack and mixed that down with a fantastic sounding soundboard. I could have used just that but included my audience one to give it a more 'roomy' sound.

The Smith Street Band @ The East Brunswick Club (2012-02-20)

1.Sunshine & Technology
2. When I Was A Boy I Thought I Was A Fish
3.I Want Friends
4. Sigourney Weaver
5. I Ain't Safe
6. Postcodes (For People Who Will Not Arrest Me)

Length: 26:13

Sound Quality: A

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Download Key: EByjRTcmhfzYh_vCFV8dHXRt4_UxIHKn4FrACQ9bMQM

Weezer @ The Palais Theatre (2013-01-17)

Supported by Cloud Control and Ball Park Music.

Cloud Control
2nd night in a row and while the same setlist as the first night I enjoyed this a bit more. I think I mentioned in the Myer Music Bowl show that these guys didn't suit such a large venue and it shows here as this performance was by far the better of the two nights.

This was recorded in the 4th row of the balcony. Due to the nature of the venue it's a little 'boomier' than I would like but it's a clear and clean recording other than that.

I didn't have a photo on my phone for some reason and I can't find one on the web so no pic here unfortunately. I also used a generic live picture to create the album work. It's OK I guess.

1.  Meditation Song #2 (Why, Oh Why)
2.  Scar
3.  Gold Canary
4.  Promises
5.  This Is What I Said
6.  Ice Age Heatwave
7.  There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight
8.  Ghost Story

Length: 33:19

Sound Quality: B

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Download Key: bCVNazT-u-erjHBRwfR7Tyd4BCRJsJPFhvmg2uw11QY

Whoa! Sorry Blue Album but this show was better than yours. Not only because I like Pinkerton more but because the greatest hits had some rarities I was really hoping to see. Put Me Back Together, Keep Fishin' and the B-Sides You Gave Your Love To Me Softly and Susanne pretty much made my night. Also the first ever airing of The Angel and The One was pretty cool. Didn't think they'd pull anything like that while they were down here.

At some point during the first set Rivers hurt his leg and spent the rest of the night limping around. From what I gather he still had it a few nights later in Sydney. I wonder how he did it...

This was recorded from the second floor of The Palais 4 rows from the front in the centre section of seats. I was worried it would be too boomy but it came out really well.You can tell it's a big room though because of the 'echo' of sorts which I think adds to the recording.

Weezer @ The Palais (2013-01-17)

1.  Memories
2.  Put Me Back Together
3.  The Angel and The One
4.  The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations On A Shaker Hymn)
5.  We Are All On Drugs
6.  Keep Fishin'
7.  Don't Let Go
8.  You Gave Your Love To Me Softly
9.  Susanne
10. Buddy Holly
11. Tired of Sex
12. Getchoo
13. No Other One
14. Why Bother?
15. Across The Sea
16. The Good Life
17. El Scorcho
18. Pink Triangle
19. Falling For You
20. Butterfly
21. Island In The Sun

Length: 1:23:24

Sound Quality: B+

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Download Key: Y9VSHDaUG2_wnGV60V2BljyuCaUA0OlG7PUKPvE-aDc

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weezer @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl (2013-01-16)

Supported by Cloud Control and Ball Park Music.

I didn't catch Ball Park Music at this show or the following night because I was too busy drinking. Sorry to anyone who's a fan.

Cloud Control
2 years on since I saw these guys and I can't say I'm upset they left me behind. I'm just not digging them anymore. I mean.. I liked the new song 'Scar' but the older stuff just didn't grab me like it did a while ago. Maybe it was the space they played in. The Myer Music Bowl has some big shoes to fill and not every band can pull it off.

This was recorded at the back of the seated area which is actually in front of the GA area. I was on that little grassy area behind the chairs just hanging out. The first song or two sound a little off and have some mic handling noise in them because I was setting up as I walked to my position as I was chatting to some friends and didn't realise they were starting.

 photo CloudControl20130116jpg_zpsbf023403.jpg

1.  Meditation Song #2 (Why, Oh Why)
2.  Scar
3.  Gold Canary
4.  Promises
5.  This Is What I Said
6.  Ice Age Heatwave
7.  There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight
8.  Ghost Story

Length: 34:05

Sound Quality: C+

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Download Key: WuyiGkC19zVpAtZNO6PerSWW7KxsCx4_TrsR1g0Ywqw

So this finally happened. Weezer did an Australian tour and it was amazing and well worth the wait. This was the first of 2 shows in Melbourne with the other being a Pinkerton set.
The show was split into 2 parts. The first half was a greatest hits set which pretty much consited of the best 1 or 2 songs from each album working backwards towards the Blue Album which was the second set. Pretty much the whole show was a giant singalong and everyone was in high spirits for this. El Scorcho got a massive response and was probably the track of the night for me.

This was recorded dead center in the seating area of the music bowl so the sound is quite good. Maybe a little boomy but whatever.

Weezer @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl (2013-01-16)

1.  Memories
2.  (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To
3.  Pork and Beans
4.  Troublemaker (w/Burndt Jamb outro)
5.  Perfect Situation
6.  Beverly Hills
7.  Dope Nose (Scott Shriner on vocals)
8.  Island In The Sun
9.  Hash Pipe
10. El Scorcho
11. My Name Is Jonas
12. No One Else
13. The World Has Turned and Left Me Here
14. Buddy Holly
15. Undone - The Sweater Song
16. Surf Wax America
17. Say It Ain't So
18. In The Garage
19. Holiday
20. Only In Dreams

Length: 1:27:55

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: fN55a2AJ8lsvbnunOjA6MVDCaj4noTrnWwf_qAISGhA

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Alexisonfire @ Festival Hall (2012-12-12)

I'd seen Alexisonfire twice prior to this show but both times it was at soundwave and I only caught about 7 songs of the set. The first time I left early to see Jim Ward and the second time I arrived late as I was watching The Weakerthans. Both times however I loved what I saw but was disappointed with them playing mainstage. Flash forward a few years and they're calling it quits and playing a dozen or so shows to celebrate. Only a few are outside Canada and Australia are lucky to get two of them. Needless to say I had to be there...

From a fans standpoint this show was pretty spot on. Giant setlist and a good selection of songs. The whole band really seemed into it which was great considering 2 of them have quit. Looks like there is no hard feelings there. Big singalongs to every song was cool to see/hear. I'm gonna miss these guys.

This was recorded from the balcony so the sound is pretty great and balanced. I had some sort of sickness so I cough a few times in the recording but I tried to time it with a loud kick or snare to hide it. I think I did a pretty good job. Also, I have about 85 minutes of video of this show and am thinking of compiling a DVD of it considering it could be one of the last recordings of the band. If you filmed any of the show in HD (iPhone 4/4S) send it my way.

Alexisonfire @ Festival Hall (2012-12-12)

1.  Intro
2.  Young Cardinals
3.  Boiled Frogs
4.  Heading For The Sun
5.  Pulmonary Archery
6.  Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints
7.  No Transitory
8.  Get Fighted
9.  Born and Raised
10. Waterwings (and Other Poolside Fashion Faux Pas)
11. Control
12. Rough Hands
13. Old Crows
14. You Burn First
15. We Are The Sound
16. Keep It On Wax
17. Accept Crime
18. Dog's Blood
19. .44 Caliber Love Letter
20. Accidents
21. The Northern
22. This Could Be Anywhere In The World
23. Happiness By The Kilowatt

Length: 1:50:33

Sound Quality: A-

Download Here

Download Key: V0IJpV8SndDjMTZ2rrxLQnrxLC8QrHlJkfz4yeRoxUA