Monday, September 2, 2013

Dick Diver @ The Curtin Bandroom (2012-09-22)

To be honest the reason it took me almost a year to get this show online is because I don't really remember it happening. I'd been to a wedding prior and made full use of the open bar they had there and only drank further once I arrived at the venue. A bad mistake on my part. At some point I spoke to one or more members of the band because they played The Keys for me and I'm not sure why I would request that song because I've seen it so much and there's other songs I'd love to see over it. But maybe drunk me just said the first song that came to mind.

The recording itself isn't that bad which is surprising. From memory I had the mics hanging over the balcony thingo on the right side while I went and did my thing which is good because I didn't talk all over it.

Also, I'm sorry Mark for being a drunken mess on the night and that you had to put up with it.

1.  Bondi 98
2.  Hammock Days
3.  The Keys
4.  Alice
5.  Water Damage
6.  Seagulls
7.  Lime Green Shirt
8.  Amber
9.  Calendar Days
10. Head Back

Length: 40:58

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

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