Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mammal @ Mynt Lounge (2008-12-26)

I had been looking forward to this show after missing the Boxing Day show the year before. I had really high expectations thinking we were going to get a special show. I was disappointed in that aspect :( but you know.. Mammal shows are always fun anyway right?
I'm super happy they played Slaves again. Havn’t seen that since the first time I saw them.
Was also different as this was the first time I didn’t have to worry about taping as my gear was at the back of the room. So for once I got to get up close and dance and sing/yell along. Was a very different feeling.
The crowd were great, proving how good they were during the 'technicals'. A bit rowdy at times but hey, it’s a rock show.
It was also nice meeting some of the peeps from The Aural Underground forum. You were all very nice. I’m sorry if I seemed a little off on the night. I’m always funny around new people. I look forward to catching up again next show.

This was recorded from directly behind the soundboard. I had my gear set up on a shelf about 7ft from the ground facing the speaker stacks.

1. The Aural Underground
2. Nagasaki In Flames
3. Smash The Piñata
4. Groove Junkie
5. Maker
6. Mr Devil
7. Think
8. Religion
9. The Majority
10. Slaves
11. Clear Enough?
12. Inciting
13. Hell Yeah

Length: 1:04:38

Sound Quality: B

Download Here