Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Smith Street Band @ The Old Bar (2013-08-09)

Supported by The Bennies, World Cup and Foxtrot.

Sadly I didn't get there in time to see any of the supports for this one. It's a shame because The Bennies are pretty rad and I've heard good things about Foxtrot as well.

The Smith Street Band
This show, like all Smith Street shows was just fun as balls. The Old Bar was packed and everyone was in good spirits. The new EP was played start to finish and it ruled seeing those tracks live. Tom Busby was a pleasant surprise as well. I wish they'd done South East Facing Wall as the encore though :(

Recording wise it's not the best I've done but it was under strange conditions so take it or leave it. We were pretty far back in the crowd and actually pretty drunk at the time so there is a little talking. During Get High, See Mice there is some popping as someone in the crowd distributed party poppers and they were all going off.

 photo TheSmithStreetBand20130809_zpsa74d8c4a.jpg

1.  Don't Fuck With Our Dreams
2.  Ducks Fly Together
3.  Bigger Than Us
4.  Kids
5.  Self-Control
6.  Get High, See Mice
7.  I Can't Feel My Face
8.  Tom Busby
9.  Sigourney Weaver
10. Young Drunk
11. Postcodes (For People Who Will Not Arrest Me)

Length: 1:00:37

Sound Quality: C-

Download Here

Download Key: B9aICJnKI2X5V_L1wdF3i7n2trFuLdR3NA51u10q7OY

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Meredith Music Festival Day One @ Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre (2013-12-13)

I'll write up a bit about the festival later. For now here's…

This set was just awesome. Really, really awesome. I particularly liked how this set was almost nothing like the one I saw them do at Soundwave 2 years ago. That is, with the exception of the awesome close of The Water Glass and Evil War New God. Buzz and co didn't mess around pretty much playing the full 49 minutes without a break. I don't really know what else to say. Just a great set.

This was recorded pretty close to the stage about a meter from the barrier in front of the left big screen thingo. I really enjoy listening to this recording.

 photo Melvins20131213_zpsbe44b334.jpg

1.  Hag Me
2.  The War On Wisdom
3.  We Are Doomed
4.  Sweet Willy Rollbar
5.  A Growing Disgust
6.  Youth of America (Wipers cover)
7.  Let It All Be
8.  The Water Glass
9.  Evil New War God

Length: 48:53

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: UzmA-PhyKj9AFpdKvvwzPVTaQzMI6siLPu8ilhgNdn8

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
With a band that has as many albums as these guys it's always going to be a bit of a gamble at what they'll play at a show. Thankfully here they played it a little safe which is great because to be honest. I'm not overly familiar with some of their more obscure stuff. In fact, I listen to my recording of them from 2010 more than any album.

I feel this started off a little slowly but by the 3rd or 4th track they guys were in full swing. 2 new songs back to back in the middle was a little ambitious but luckily they both sounded great and from my perspective the crowd weren't lost at all. The last 3 tracks were pretty fantastic too.

This was recorded a bit the left of the left speaker stack not too far from the stage. I couldn't actually see Anton from where I was standing if that gives you an idea.
I didn't take this picture. I actually couldn't find one so I took this as a screen cap from a youtube video. Looks pretty good :)

The Brian Jonestown Massacre @ Meredith Music Festival (2013-12-13) photo TheBrianJonestownMassacre20131213_zps5742fb4e.jpg

1.  Whoever You Are
2.  Who?
3.  Got My Eye On You
4.  Anenome
5.  Jennifer
6.  What You Isn't
7.  Days, Weeks and Moths
8.  When Jokers Attack
9.  Sailor
10. Not If You Were The Last Dandy On Earth
11. Servo
12. That Girl Suicide
13. Oh Lord

Length: 57:33

Sound Quality: B

Download Here

Download Key: FQKaUdocioiIKMZ1D0xLErNYHJ6Gfkq4l7PoQOslAEQ

Bosnian Rainbows @ The Corner Hotel (2012-12-02)

Supported by A Dead Forest Index and Fox & Sui.

I actually have no recollection of seeing the support bands for this show. But A Dead Forest Index's name seems familiar so maybe I did. If I did see them I'd have recorded it and if I ever come across the recording I'll put it up here.

Bosnian Rainbows
In comparison to the show a week earlier at CherryFest I didn't really enjoy this one as much. I'd had a really lousy week leading up to it which involved a lot of travel and a funeral and the people at the show were just beyond unbearable. To sum it up if it hadn't of been an Omar gig I wouldn't have gone.

Thankfully though the shitty people don't get picked up much on the recording so listening back to this is actually really enjoyable. I've still never listened to any studio Bosnian Rainbows material so I can't really comment on any differences between these tracks and those found on the albums. I really enjoy Teri in this band more than Le Butcherettes. Her vocals on some tracks are just fantastic. And I'm not sure if I mentioned it when I posted the CherryFest show but I love how restrained and creative Deantoni is in this band. Omar is Omar. He really seemed so happy to be playing these shows which was good after seeing him in ATD-I and not really in a great mood.

This was recorded in my usual spot at The Corner which is kind of in the front left corner very close to the speaker stack. However, some tall ass bastard who didn't even watch the show was in front of me so the sound isn't as great as I'd like it to be.

Bosnian Rainbows @ The Corner Hotel (2012-12-02) photo BosnianRainbows20121202_zps0a922090.jpg

1.  Eli
2.  Worthless
3.  Kiss My Brown Eye
4.  The Eye Fell In Love
5.  I Cry For You
6.  Fun
7.  Torn Maps
8.  Turtle Neck
9.  Always On The Run
10. Dead To Me
11. Better Off

Length: 58:56

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: Sl_Jt0Qw9eDHfUPxz68Pe0n4Mo0LAr-7wrzdqvAKps4