Monday, September 1, 2008

Mammal @ Rare Records (2008-08-30)

This was an instore performance of the new Mammal album The Majority. Only people who pre-ordered the CD were allowed entry. There was about 70 people there. They played the new album front to back and even though I’d had it a few days and listened to it over a dozen times some of the new songs still took me by surprise. My favorite being Living In Sin whcih I think translates perfectly live. Clear Enough? is always a favorite too and surprisingly I really dug Burn Out at this show where as I’d normally dismiss it.
Zero Infinity was not played by the band; but over the house PA system instead.
That said it was both really nice and weird seeing Mammal at such an intimate gig... and during daylight hours too.

I recorded this kind of haphazardly as I was too conscious about being caught. From memory I had the mics clipped to my jumper somewhere but I'm not sure.

1. The Aural Underground
2. Smash The Piñata
3. Bending Rules
4. The Majority
5. Mr Devil
6. Religion
7. Clear Enough?
8. Burn Out
9. Hollywood Shrine
10. Zero Infinity
11. Living In Sin

Length: 52:30

Sound Quality: B-

Download Here