Saturday, June 18, 2011

Overground 2011

This is the second year running I've attended the mini festival held inside the Melbourne Town Hall which is part of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival.
Overall I think I enjoyed last years slightly more but it was still a great event.
Most of the recordings are complete sets, some are not. Yep.

Nic Tammens, Marco Fusinato, ZOND - 23:10

Scott Tinkler, Oscar Noriega, James Rushford - 11:57

Blank Realm & Andrew Tuttle - 17:23

Time Berne, Anthony Pateras, Gareth Thompson - 17:19

Yoshida Tatsuya, Clayton Thomas, Lloyd Honeybrook, Angus Leslie - 10:56

Shags Chamberlain, Laurence Pike, Jean-Herve Peron - 6:48

Nekrasov - 19:20

Will Guthrie, Lucas Abela, Emma Albury - 9:21

Fabulous Diamonds & Naked On The Vague - 21:24

Sean Baxter, Jerome Noetinger, Faust - 7:16

Tony Conrad & Chris Abrahams - 37:55