Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mammal @ Ruby's Lounge (2008-11-07)

I remember at the time I didn't really enjoy this show as much as previous Mammal shows. Listening back it sounds just as great as they all do. I guess to me it felt to 'generic' by then and didn't have that wow factor of the early shows. However, it's a great show as they all were by the band.

1. The Aural Underground
2. Smash The Piñata
3. Nagasaki In Flames
4. Groove Junkie
5. Mr Devil
6. Think
7. The Majority
8. Religion
9. Maker
10. Burn Out
11. Clear Enough?
12. Inciting
13. Hell Yeah

Length: 1:05:09

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here