Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Disco @ Hi-Fi Bar and Ballroom (2010-12-03)

Better late than never hey? I should point out this was my first recording, and I was using a set of microphones that have, well, let's just say they've been through a lot of gigs over the years. Plus being my first time, I was a little nervous about drawing attention to myself and being caught recording, so I was standing at the back of the floor simply holding the mic lead in my hand. All this means the recording didn't turn out too well but it's still listenable I guess. Some pops and crackles occur sporadically throughout the set but nothing major. I should point out this was a really great gig. It was the first time I'd seen a headlining My Disco set (after catching them twice in a row supporting ...Trail of Dead the year before) and I enjoyed them a lot more this time, being that they were playing their Little Joy album from start to finish, which I know better than their earlier two albums. The whole minimalistic approach is tough to get into but it really worked at this particular gig. The extended jams on some songs were awesome, it's been nice to listen back to this and realise how long some of them actually went for. You'll notice that Liam Andrews, the one member of the band with a microphone, doesn't say anything between songs. I didn't edit it out, he just doesn't talk. Which I found a little disappointing; the room was almost full, which is a pretty good achievement for a Hi Fi Bar gig, and I don't think it would've hurt to show a bit more appreciation of the people that took time out of their Friday night to come and see his band. Then again, it kind of suited their whole no-nonsense approach.

1. Intro
2. Closer
3. Young
4. Turn
5. Sun Bear
6. Sunray
7. Lil Joy
8. With Age
9. Rivers (extreme extended version!)
10. A Turreted Berg

Download MP3 here

(Support acts were Marco Fusinato, KES Big Band, and Robin Fox. KES and Robin Fox were great, and I recorded both of them. Might upload later if they sound alright.)