Thursday, March 14, 2013

Laura @ RRR Performance Space (2009-11-08)

It's been a few years since this show and a little while since I've shared it but that's because some guy at RRR had a go at me but with Laura granting me permission to share recordings of theirs on the Live Music Archive I've felt its time to put it back up.

I remember running late and missing the first bit of Every Light and the venue being packed. This was probably due to Laura not really playing many shows around the time. If I recall this was their first in over a year.
The intro to Cardboard Cutout was pretty cool and the song ruled. It was the first time I heard it and I listened back on it heaps after this.  Glint (or Ginger as it was known at the time) was also a short and sweet song unlike anything they'd done before.

This is an FM broadcast so the sound is quite full. To me it sounds a little mixed down but regardless it's a great listen. The album art I made is from a picture Laura posted on their tumblr account. I thought it appropriate to their music and better than the idea I initially had.

Laura @ RRR Performance Space photo Laura20091108.jpg

1.  Intro
2.  Every Light
3.  Bobik Is In Amerika
4.  I Hope
5.  Is There No Help For The Widow's Son?
6.  Shot In The Arm
7.  Glint
8.  Mark The Day
9.  Cardboard Cutout Robot Victim Hero Children

Length: 42:15

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

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