Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dick Diver @ The Curtin Bandroom (2013-02-22)

Dick Diver are pretty much the best band in Australia and anyone who knows me knows about my love for them. So I try to get along to as many of their shows as I can. This one especially as it would be their last headliner before the new album 'Calendar Days' drops so I was excited for the new songs. In particular the title track of the new album rules and is my favorite song of theirs by far. So goddamn catchy. Amber and Water Damage are also really good. And yay for Flying Tea Towel Blues in any set they play.

This set was recorded from the soundboard area using a mix of room microphones and a soundboard output. The result is one of, if not the best recording I've ever done and I couldn't be happier it was for Dick Diver.

 photo DickDiver20130222_zps8c598466.jpg

1.  Alice
2.  Hammock Days
3.  Walk For Room
4.  Interstate Forever
5.  Flying Tea Towel Blues
6.  Head Back
7.  Calendar Days
8.  Amber
9.  Lime Green Shirt
10. Water Damage

Length: 46:02

Sound Quality: A+

Download Here

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