Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fucked Up @ Prince Bandroom (2013-02-26)

Fuck yes Fucked Up rule. I love seeing these dudes play. They just put on such a fun show. As always Damian was crazy and picking up dudes and spinning them around and stuff. Spent less time in the crowd this time around than the last few times I've seen them. It was a shame the venue was only around half full though. Would have been so much more hectic if it sold out. Oh well...
Oh and did I mention they played Two Snakes because I asked for it? Yep, it was me and it was the best. Been so keen on seeing that song since I first listened to Fucked Up about 6 years ago now and it was fantastic. Thanks guys :)

This was recorded from the left side of the venue in line with the PA but at a 40 degree angle to the stage. The sound is clear and how it sounded on the night.
Also, stupid girl who wouldn't stop screaming... shut the fuck up and learn the proper lyrics you dickhole.

 photo FuckedUp20130226_zps6c1e5d7a.jpg

1.  Let Her Rest
2.  Queen of Hearts
3.  Under My Nose
4.  David Comes To Life
5.  Black Albino Bones
6.  Turn The Season
7.  I Hate Summer
9.  Baiting The Public
10. Son The Father
11. Magic Word
12. Police
13. The Other Shoe
14. Two Snakes


Sound Quality: B

Download Here

Download Key:UnW4KEYa7NVH1enkkZXJ2DqxyAsGo-vkHGj7tKSYe10

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