Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thee Oh Sees @ Schoolhouse Studios (2013-01-28)

This is the second year Thee Oh Sees have done an Australia Day show in Melbourne and I truly hope that it continues for many more. It really is just the best way to spend the public holiday. Great music, great people and a few beers in the sun. This year featured a few more bands than last year and all of them ruled but that is for another post...

Thee Oh Sees came out and did what they do best. This would be the 7th or 8th time I've seen them so I won't write too much about it. 4 new songs from the upcoming album in this recording and quite honestly, they are all pretty great. Toe Cutter - Thumb Blaster and Tunnel Time being my favourites. Dead Energy was pretty great as always and man I just wish I could see this set again.

This was recorded pretty much in line with the left speaker stack. The sound is almost exactly how it sounded on the day. Nick who does sound for Thee Oh Sees when they tour here did a great job as always and it reflects in the recording.

 photo TheeOhSees20130128_zps66c7e1b7.jpg

1.  The Dream
2.  Toe Cutter - Thumb Blaster
3.  I Come From The Mountain
4.  Carrion Crawler
5.  Lupine Dominus
6.  Tunnel Time
7.  Block of Ice
8.  Contraption/Soul Desert
9.  Strawberries 1 + 2
10. Dead Energy

Length: 59:35

Sound Quality: A-

Download Here

Download Key: FhBtOACmiatKt45nIIGwJ0JVZhx9uc-MCA6KRFzUw24

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