Thursday, March 14, 2013

Godspeed You! Black Emperor @ The Forum (2013-02-15)

Godspeed!! The Sad Mafioso!!! While not as impressive as the show the night prior this was still one hell of a show. Behemoth fucking rules and they did The Sad Mafioso which pretty much made my life. Gathering Storm was really good to see as well and man.. I could watch this band so many more times and still be blown away by them.

This was recorded very close to the left speaker stack. At the start of Behemoth I leave to go to the bathroom and a friend holds on to the microphones resulting in a different low end response for a couple of minutes.

 photo GodspeedYouBlackEmperor20130215_zpse71ffe7f.jpg

1.  Hope Drone
2.  Mladic
3.  Lift Yr. Skinny Fists, Like Antennas To Heaven...
4.  Gathering Storm/Il Pleut à Mourir [+Clatters Like Worry]
5.  Behemoth
6.  The Sad Mafioso

Length: 1:50:44

Sound Quality: A-

Download Here

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