Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thee Oh Sees @ Hi-Fi Bar and Ballroom (2013-01-31)

Man I just could never get tired of seeing these guys play live. Every time I see them they throw in a couple of new songs and despite having seen them a few days prior (recording to follow) they still managed to squeeze in another song I hadn't heard yet. This set has a nice mix of songs and as always there are a few that are jammed out (Block of Ice/Dead Energy come to mind) that absolutely rule.

On a side note do these guys have the biggest boner for Melbourne or what? I think they've done 3 shows here every tour they've done.

This was recorded from my ideal spot in the venue. Just behind the dance floor on the top step slightly off centre. The results from there always come out excellent and this show was no exception.

 photo TheeOhSees20130131_zps3d4b7723.jpg

1.  The Dream
2.  Lupine Dominus
3.  Toe Cutter - Thumb Blaster
4.  Block of Ice
5.  Contraption/Soul Desert
6.  Carrion Crawler
7.  I Was Denied
8. Strawberries 1 + 2
9.  I Come From The Mountain
10. Tidal Wave
11. Dead Energy
12. The Flute Song
13. Minotaur

Length: 1:18:20

Sound Quality: A-

Download Here

Download Key: QMxzh3nn3hJZjjKMqhRjWhUCT9UzolMGVfYN3s2KwA0


  1. Hey,

    Sweet recording! You can check out the one I made last December here:

    Track 3 is 'Toe Cutter - Thumb Blaster'.

    Track 8 is the same as track #9 on my 2012-12-20 recording, unknown title.
    None of the lyrics really match up with what's listed here:

    Track 9 is 'I Come From The Mountain'.

    Track 12 is 'The Flute Song'. First spotted in March 2012 at the Pappy & Harriet show.

    #3/10 will both be on the new album 'Floating Coffin' coming out on April.

    1. Thank you very much! That helps clear some things up. There is another new track not in this recording from a show 3 days prior I'll upload and I also have another recording from 2 weeks after this one I'll get around to soon.