Sunday, May 12, 2013

Scott & Charlene's Wedding @ The Curtin Bandroom (2013-03-15)

Haven't really listened to these guys as much as I should but I guess that after this show I will from now on. Really enjoyed this one and listening back it's even better.

This recording is a mix between my audience capture and a really good soundboard recording. The Curtin is quickly becoming my favorite place to record because every show I'm getting there is sounding fantastic.

 photo ScottampCharlenesWedding20130315_zpsc1dc8f04.jpg

3.  Treat Yourself
4.  Epping Line
5.  Gammy Leg
7.  Footscray Station
8.  Wiseman At The Station

Length: 40:31

Sound Quality: A-

Download Here

Download Key: dSoOaWYmTPLZBRwZGzGySmiEbPNUGhoH8uTp329pNXY


  1. Great recording! Song 2 is 'Two Weeks' off their split EP with Peak Twins on Bedroom Suck, song 3 is actually 'Rejected' off Para Vista Social Club, and song 6 is 'Jackie Boy' according to a Vimeo video by Bleary Eyed Brooklyn. And the last song is 'Every Detail', off Para Vista Social Club too. Thanks for the recording, can't wait to see these guys!

  2. 1. Junk Shop
    2. Two Weeks
    3. Rejected
    4 and 5 are correct
    6. Jackie Boy
    7 and 8 are correct
    9. Every Detail