Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Bronx @ The Corner Hotel (2013-04-30)

Pretty typical Bronx show. Lots of energy and as always... it was loud. It was great to see a bunch of new songs after seeing them tour the last album 4 times. And even better they switched it up the following night.

As always, this was recorded left side of the venue and the sound is fairly good.

 photo TheBronx20130430_zpsebb76531.jpg

1.  Intro
2.  The Unholy Hand
3.  White Tar
4.  Shitty Future
5.  Under The Rabbit
6.  Rape Zombie
7.  Too Many Devils
8.  Six Days A Week
9.  Youth Wasted
10. Knifeman
11. White Guilt
12. Ribcage
13. They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy)
14. Valley Heat
15. Heart Attack American
16. I Got Chills
17. History's Stranglers

Length: 1:10:51

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: BsHG-iT85H3BF-1jmDt1ql1KN6w3s8kSxiIPhP8muT0

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  1. Thanks for sharing your recording. Any chance of a FLAC upload somehwere please?