Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Refused @ The Palace (2012-11-15)

Writing this now its been over half a year since the show and despite how drunk I was I remember the night quite vividly. I'd started off at home with a few pre-drinks and met up with a friend on the train and then we went to Spicy Noodle Cafe for dinner. I had the spicy chicken noodle and a coopers green. Afterwards, we decided to stick around there and have a few drinks because it was happy hour (happy hour is 5-9) and before long we were 5 or 6 drinks down. Then another friend came to meet us and he had dinner and we drank some more. Needless to say.. 9:30 rolled around and by the time we realized we hauled ass to get to The Palace on time and made it inside (grabbing a beer or two as we passed the bar) just in time to catch Refused come out. If I'd been there earlier I would have left in the pulsating noise thing as an intro to the recording but I wasn't. Sorry.

The show itself was pretty spectacular. Although I'd already seen them earlier in the year at Coachella I was beyond excited for this. That mixed with all the beers meant I did something I normally wouldn't at a show in that I got pretty rowdy. Yep.. I was front and centre sweating it up and screaming my lungs out. Stupid I know but in my defence it would be the last chance I would get to do it at a Refused show so I made the most of it. However, the heat and all the alcohol caught up with me during Life Support Addiction and I had to make a sneaky trip to the bathroom to vomit. Classy right? Luckily I made it back for Worms of The Senses / Faculties of The Skull because if I'd missed that I would have been pretty shattered. Man that song rules live.

Anyway. Great show. Reform again in 10 years or so and we'll do it all again OK?

Recording wise this one isn't the best. As mentioned I was on the drink and 3 songs in wanted to go and get rowdy. So, I gave my equipment to a friend who was there and he recorded from the mid-back left of the venue. At one point he leaves to go to the toilet so I patched that bit with some audio I found on youtube. There's also a bit of talking in parts.
Listen to this one with an open mind. It is one of the last shows they played and it ruled.

 photo Refused20121115_zps9d3c25c4.jpg

1.  The Shape of Punk To Come
2.  The Refused Party Program
3.  Liberation Frequency
4.  Rather Be Dead
5.  Coup D'Etat
6.  Summerholidays vs. Punkroutine
7.  The Deadly Rhythm
8.  Hook, Line and Sinker
9.  Protest Song '68
10. Refused Are Fucking Dead
11. Life Support Addiction
12. Worms of The Senses / Faculties of The Skull
13. New Noise
14. Tannhäuser / Derivè

Length: 1:08:15

Sound Quality: C-

Download Here

Download Key: AL3_X03W5pGuM2jQjPVLpSO1qCRWyyuphk5899AT33I

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  1. Damn, I was hoping you'd recorded yourself throwing up in the dunnies... haha. Thanks for recording the show ;)