Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Smith Street Band @ The Reverence Hotel (2013-02-24)

These guys are probably the best band going around at the moment and I'm sure I wrote something similar when I uploaded the Big Day Out show so I'll keep this one short. These guys rule. Big singalongs for every song and they played Get High, See Mice which I hadn't seen yet. Overall a great show. Just wish it was longer!

I was unfamiliar with the venue so I stealth recorded this one on the right side. It came out ok but I wish it was better.

The Smith Street Band @ The Reverence Hotel (2013-02-24) photo TheSmithStreetBand20130224_zps13e9f04a.jpg

1.  Postcodes (For People Who Will Not Arrest Me)
2.  Sunshine & Technology
3.  I Ain't Safe
4.  Get High, See Mice
5.  I Want Friends
6.  When I Was A Boy I Thought I Was A Fish
7.  Young Drunk
8.  Sigourney Weaver

Length: 44:27

Sound Quality: B-

Download Here

Download Key: GvtbmUQ7yy4i0XCLfEbGG0gzSwJo3r_MQc7f8S9G2v4

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