Tuesday, February 26, 2013

65daysofstatic @ The Corner Hotel (2013-01-04)

This tour was long overdue. I've been wanting to see 65 since One Time For All Time came out back in 2005 and for one reason or another they never made it down here. And it sucks in a way because they aren't as popular now as they were a few years ago and that meant the crowd was quite thin for this show. That aside.. the wait was most certainly worth it because the guys put one a pretty damn fine show.

This was recorded in my usual spot by the left speaker stack and the sound quality is pretty spot on.

65daysofstatic @ The Corner Hotel (2013-01-04) photo 65daysofstatic20130104.jpg

1.  Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here
2.  Piano Fights
3.  Await Rescue
4.  Install A Beak In The Heart That Clucks Time In Arabic
5.  Crash Tactics
6.  Dance Dance Dance
7.  Weak4
8.  Debutante
9.  Fix The Sky A Little
10. Type A
11. Mountainhead
12. PX3
13. Retreat! Retreat!
14. Radio Protector
15. Tiger Girl

Length: 1:27:10

Sound Quality: A-

Download Here

Download Key: SyXbsyKeZBtKMfXpq9QgEgXVAl8GCvCCWlfIJsW0CZs

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