Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Patrick Wolf @ The Forum II (2012-09-11)

The second time I've seen Patrick Wolf and vastly different to the first. Where the first was a full experience this was a stripped back semi-acoustic affair. Honestly I can't pick the better one.

Starting off with Overture I was pretty much sold on this. It's the best song from that album and from there on the show was pretty great. A few faults by Patrick here and there but his sheepish embarrassment made up for it.

This recording is far from my best but it's due to the nature of the show. It's hard to get a good sound at low volumes and the audience applause peaks the recording. Also, what's with everyone yelling out at Patrick? Really takes away from the mood guys.
Note: This is not my picture but one I found on the internet. If you want it removed let me know and I will do so.

Patrick Wolf @ The Forum II (2012-09-11) photo PatrickWolf20120911_zpscbd93946.jpg

1.  Overture
2.  Teignmouth
3.  Bitten
4.  Tristan
5.  Paris
6.  Hard Times
7.  Oblivion
8.  Bluebells
9.  Together
10. Wind In The Wires
11. Armistice
12. House
13. The Magic Position
14. Wolf Song
15. Trust
16. The City

Length: 1:22:40

Sound Quality: C-

Download Here

Download Key: IPSXWE4vT3_JbUYPhpbN4inzXAsfKx3Izg4m7tKr6bA

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