Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dante vs Zombies @ Amoeba Music (2012-04-13)

I always had the idea that if I ever went to LA I'd go see a band at Amoeba. I'm not overly sure why.. it just became a thing I wanted to do. So, once I got to Hollywood I made sure to drop by on the first day to see if anyone interesting was playing. These guys intrigued me based on their name so I decided to check them out having not heard a single thing by them. To put it bluntly. I was very impressed and happy with my decision.

Their music is kind of a hillbilly garage-rock type thing I don't know. I remember walking away from this saying they reminded me of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti but that's not close enough. They are something else.

I love when I band can just do whatever the fuck they want and not really care about anything. Case point was 'Dante' grabbing a subway bag with sandwich inside and swinging it above his head for half the set or so. I mean… it's kind of stupid but it was entertaining and that's what's important right?

This was recorded in the second 'aisle' pretty much in line with the right speaker stack. The sound is clear and true to the performance.
The photo used below was taken from the Amoeba website so if they don't want me to use it let me know.

Dante vs Zombies @ Amoeba Music (2012-04-13) photo DantevsZombies20120413_zps62402640.jpg

1.  Natural Disaster
2.  Ta Da!
3.  Horror Stories For Whores
4.  The Dump
5.  My Poor Old Parrot
6.  I Donʼt Understand Anything
7.  Yes, I'm Stalking You
8.  Harry Rag (The Kinks Cover)
9.  Watermelon Iodine

Length: 29:50

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: fdn_JzTUOcTMZ2hvxqww1VtPtGtuWPz5oKqg-_8PSGc

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