Monday, December 23, 2013

Dead Meadow @ The Corner Hotel (2012-04-01)

Dead Meadow are a band I don't really listen too as often as I'd like. In fact: I only have one album by them which is 2005s 'Feathers'. I got a ticket to this show because I saw them at Melbourne Music Festival 2010 (download available here) and loved that set and to be honest.. this one was just as good. On the night I found a lot of songs familiar but listening back they played vastly different sets both shows.

This was recorded in my usual spot at The Corner. Towards the left emergency exit quite close to the speaker stack. As usual the sound is good and I'm very happy with it.

Dead Meadow @ The Corner Hotel (2012-04-01) photo DeadMeadow20120401_zpsf10fc84e.jpg

1.  I Love You Too
2.  'Till Kingdom Come
3.  1000 Dreams
4.  What Needs Must Be
5.  Indian Bones
6.  Heaven
7.  Good Moanin'
8.  All Torn Up
9.  At Her Open Door
10. Sleepy Silver Door
11. Beyond The Fields We Know

Length: 1:19:43

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: VyI85xKre0ZT-mejQMo7WT3dqX8PL4wBI9yeSnt4ijg

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