Monday, December 23, 2013

Dick Diver @ Polyester Records (2013-03-15)

When your favourite band has a little preview show for their upcoming album it's always good to head along and hear a few new cuts. Even better when it is free (and BYO) like this one. For myself.. I had already seen all but one of the tracks but regardless, enjoyed this show as much as any other show I've seen by these guys. It is always a pleasure to see Flying Tea Towel Blues live and is the only song in the set that dates back to the first time I caught these guys.

This was recorded from the front row directly in front of the band on the left side/entrance to the shop. It's always a little hard recording in Polyester but usually I'm happy enough with the results.

Dick Diver @ Polyester Records (2013-03-15) photo DickDiver20130315_zps56862ab7.jpg

1.  Bondi '98
2.  Flying Tea Towel Blues
3.  Water Damage
4.  Amber
5.  Lime Green Shirt
6.  Calendar Days
7.  New Start Again
8.  Languages of Love
9.  Alice

Length: 39:14

Sound Quality: B

Download Here

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