Saturday, August 3, 2013

Karnivool @ Melbourne Town Hall, 01/08/2013 - Asymmetry album launch

So I'll begin with apologies for not recording the Northlane set, in the event that there is someone out there who wants to hear it. But in my brutally honest opinion, nobody's missing out at all. The headlining act have been known to choose some excellent supports in the past (last year being a prime example), but sometimes have fallen a bit short of the mark. Oh well, no harm done. And now to the whole point of this post...

Karnivool, Karnivool, motherfucking Karnivool. It has been a long wait between albums, but we all knew the wait would be worth it. Asymmetry dropped into our hands and CD players exactly two weeks ago, and the verdict is very much in - it rules. So much. The build-up for this show was absolutely huge, and it's fair to say that, for the most part, expectations were met. Can I really complain about this setlist? I do feel they played it just a little bit safe, but yeah, that's such a minor gripe in the grander scheme of things. Absolute. Sheer. Awesomeness. And the venue, while a little unorthodox, worked extremely well for such a big show.

It's a Vool show. People are excited, they sing, they talk a little bit, it comes up on the recording if they're standing right next to me. So just be aware of that :) at least it wasn't me this time though!

A.M. War
We Are
All I Know
The Last Few
The Refusal
Set Fire to the Hive
New Day
Alpha Omega


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