Monday, August 5, 2013

Band of Horses @ Big Day Out Festival (2013-01-26)

I've seen these guys do two acoustic shows before so it was really cool to see them in a different setting and play a handful of songs I was yet to see. I'm pretty sure The Funeral is one of the best songs ever and I was really drunk during this and  yeah...
There is a bit of unavoidable wind noise throughout this. Take it or leave it.

Band of Horses @ Big Day Out Festival (2013-01-26) photo BandofHorses20130126_zpsb819c074.jpg

1.  The First Song
2.  The Great Salt Lake
3.  Is There A Ghost
4.  Laredo
5.  Marry Song
6.  Electric Music
7.  Older
8.  No One's Gonna Love You
9.  Knock Knock
10. Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
11. The General Specific
12. The Funeral

Length: 53:39

Sound Quality: C+

Download Here

Download Key: FHx_MFaf7YvDK3XlLte3x3G5NqVY1yfIzeAxj1pPio8

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