Saturday, January 4, 2014

The UV Race @ PBS Studios (2013-02-06)

I was interested to see this set mainly because of Marcus. Normally he would be going wild getting in the crowd and acting like a complete fool (which rules by the way don't get me wrong…) but in the sterile environment that is the PBS studios he would be behind glass and forced to act differently. What we got was a very reserved Marcus who sang the songs truer to their recorded counterparts than I've ever seen him do before. In fact, the whole band really played well for this set. Could be my favourite of theirs I've seen now.

This one I didn't record because basically the audio presented to the audience is just a feed of what is being played over the radio. Instead, I had my computer streaming it at home and recording it. As such, it is a very clear and sharp recording.

The UV Race @ PBS Studios (2013-02-06) photo TheUVRace20130206_zpsa9350642.jpg

1.  Unknown Pleasures
2.  Raw Balls
3.  Set Sail To Fail
4.  Baw Baw Blues
5.  Burn That Cat
6.  Mash
7.  I'm A Pig
8.  Girl In My Head
9.  Sophie Says
10. Lost My Way
11. Outta Control Kids
12. Gore Orphanage
13. Acid Trip

Length: 34:26

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: SflOxXR04odgrgez9OIcuXxu7bpdC7F2JoeKk_6d8p4

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