Saturday, January 4, 2014

The UV Race @ Meredith Music Festival (2013-12-15)

The UV Race were a surprise hit at the end of a busy weekend. I had never stayed for the last band before but I'm glad I did this time. In typical UV fashion the set was a bit all over the place and unless you know what to expect you probably wouldn't have enjoyed this nearly as much as everyone else.

Lego Man was cool to see as I'd been wanting to for a while but I'm not sure if the song in the middle is a song or just a jam? Anyone able to help out with that one or the 4 other tracks I can't put a name on.

This was recorded up the hill a bit in line with the left speaker stack. There is a little talking between myself and my fiancé in it but hey, what are you gonna do? The sound is good and the set is great so yeah.

I didn't take the photo below but instead borrowed it from a photo set I found on fasterlouder. katie_fairservice took the picture and many more of the festival can be found here:

 photo TheUVRace20131215_zpsb6e25906.jpg

1.  Girl In My Head
2.  I'm A Pig
3.  Set Sail To Fail
4.  Cherry Bee
5.  Can't Go Back
6.  Lost My Way
7.  Burn That Cat
8.  Good Money
9.  Lego Man
10. Mash
11. Be Your Self
12. Gypsy King
13. The UV Know
14. Raw Balls

Length: 34:50

Sound Quality: B+

Download Here

Download Key: fkGLyEI49tGnWziVIA_hYhxOy6E-yJaV-NyyYhc7btM


  1. track 1 - Girl In My Bed
    track 4 - Cherry B
    track 5 - Can't Go Back
    track 13 - The UV Know

    :) thanks for the UV goodness x

  2. Thanks for the track names! Do you know where I can get a copy of Autonomy and Deliberation?

  3. the soundtrack LP is here:
    as for a physical copy of the film, they had some on that site on VHS but they sold out in about 3 seconds. i have no idea when they'll release a DVD or more copies but hopefully soon. haven't had a chance to see it yet myself!