Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Justice Yeldham @ KIPL (2011-03-28)

So yeah, more of a show that you actually need to be there to get the full effect but I thought I'd record anyway.

The first band (I believe it was Wife?) was two dudes standing on either side of a miced up ladder both using saws to hack at the top rung. I recorded but it went for about 5 minutes and it kinda sounds like nothing. You had to be there.


Pretty great. Drums/saxophone/vocals trio. Not much else to say.

Miles Brown & Shags Chamberlain

Duo consisting of synths and a theremin. Some bits were better than others but yeah, worth a listen.

Justice Yeldham

First time seeing him solo. No bleeding was a bit of a letdown but I'm just a sicko.

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