Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mushroom Giant @ Evelyn Hotel, 24/09/2011

So, I was pretty hungover from attending another gig (and subsequent shenanigans) the night before and I got to the Evelyn about ten minutes before Mushroom Giant started their set. THANK GOODNESS. This band always impresses me live, even if they are only playing support/mini-festival slots where they don't get nearly enough time to play! Anyway, this was another really good set from the Melbourne four-piece. I've said it before and I'll say it again; I could not be more happy with their decision to ditch their vocalist and become an instrumental band again, because this is where they absolutely shine. Unfortunately there was quite a bit of talking among the audience, which is especially noticeable because this is a band with lots of quiet moments. Also, there's a song I've never heard before at the end of the set, so I asked guitarist David Charlton if it was a new song. He informed me that it's actually a very old song that they never released, but it will probably be on their next album. And speaking of that next album... where is it?! I am really looking forward to hearing where they'll go next. So yeah, all in all, a very good set. Nice to hear Pigeons again, and also I did laugh at Simon's little blunder regarding a single of theirs that sold out years ago.
400 and Falling
Drake Equation
Graven Image


The other bands on the bill were Quiet Child and The Khyber Belt, unfortunately I didn't record either. Quiet Child's first few songs were a little too slow and lacking in the requisite "zing" required to wake me up after the previous night, so I had to leave to go and get some caffeine. As for The Khyber Belt, it was nearly 12am by the time they got onstage, and the crowd was way too sparse and I would've felt rather awkward with microphones on. They're a good band, though.

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