Thursday, March 1, 2012

Devin Townsend Project / Meshuggah / dredg @ Forum Theatre, 29/02/2011

So after the crushing disappointment of having them pull out of the Karnivool tour, dredg are finally in Australia - to play a 30 minute set as curtain-jerkers for fucking Meshuggah and Devin Townsend. While the weirdness of this pairing cannot be understated (was Maddah high? Oh wait... don't answer that) and I wasn't expecting this to be the ideal way to enjoy one of my favourite bands, dredg did everything they could and then some, even sneaking onto the stage about 10 minutes before they were due to start. There were some loyal fans up the front (where I was, of course), but most of the metalheads completely disregarded them (although thankfully there was no booing or things thrown). I really enjoyed the set though; no band with five studio albums can do much with a 30 minute set, but dredg tried their fucking best and really satisfied the few people that actually cared about them on this occasion. I pretty much just needed to hear Bug Eyes and The Canyon Behind Her. Here's hoping they return soon on their own tour. OH. Almost forgot to mention. Due to them coming on early, I MISSED RECORDING ODE TO THE SUN! I just wasn't ready, and I thought it kind of pointless to only record half the song. Pretty upset about it but what can you do I guess.
Ode to the Sun (not recorded :( )
Bug Eyes
The Tanbark is Hot Lava
The Canyon Behind Her
Down to the Cellar

...or alternatively, this:

Never had such an easy time getting a setlist.
Me: Hey Gavin! (dredg frontman) Any setlists up there?
Gavin: Sure! (looking happy that someone actually knows who he is; finds one and gives it to me.) There you go!


What can I say? This would be Meshuggah's third tour of Australia on the back of their 2008 release obZen, and not surprisingly, the third time I've attended a Meshuggah performance. What a band. I can't believe I thought the first time I saw this band I thought they were a bit dull live (and yes, I did know their material at the time); I honestly believe the reason is because they had the misfortune to play three days after Carcass. But anyway, this is about HOW GREAT THEY WERE THIS TIME! Good setlist; for a band who have now been around for over twenty(!) years they still know how to keep things exciting and mix it up a little bit. We even got a brand new song this time, although I suppose with the release of Koloss only weeks away now that shouldn't have been too surprising. Good song too! And yeah, the rest of the set was fucking stellar. Good collection of old favourites and new... well, fuck, they aren't new anymore, 2008 was a fair while ago! But yeah, great songs, fantastic lighting and atmosphere, and a stellar mix! I'm expecting this one to turn out pretty good, although I was headbanging furiously through their set, so that often affects the sound.
Rational Gaze
New Millennium Cyanide Christ
Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion
Straws Pulled at Random


  1. Looks like the Dredg set has been taken down. Any chance of a re-upload? :)

  2. Yeah, the file got taken down by the same jerk who's persistently made trouble for Chris with his stuff, so the file is "suspended". When I can be bothered I can fill out a counter-claim or something, hopefully that means the file will go back up and I won't have to reupload it but yeah. Pain in the arse, I'll try and get it back up soon.