Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wintercoats @ The Builders Arms (2010-12-04)

Each time I see James play he gets better and better. Since the last show I saw he's added a piano and a backup dude who plays xylophone. This set has a few new songs on it and a couple off the EP. It was good to see Windmill since I hadn't yet. It sounds really good sped up. Landscape The Heavens doesn't sound anything like it did at Bar Open though...?
I took photo's for a cover but they were all too dark so I just stole a pic from his myspace and blurred the shit out of it and did some photoshop stuff to make it look nice.

1. Unbearable Thinking
2. Cathedral
3. Landscape The Heavens
4. Melodies
5. Forest of Lovers
6. Windmill

Length: 32:18

Sound Quality: A-

Download Here

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