Monday, July 13, 2009

Mammal @ The Pelly Bar (2009-07-11)

Another solid show from Mammal. As with the show the week prior I was still a little sick during this so I couldn't get into it as much as I'd like. Still, I had a great time. I got a spot first row in front of Pete because I wanted to try my hand at recording some more videos. I'm really glad I did too because during think my line-in to my i-river got disconnected and I lost the second half of the song. Luckily that was one of the songs I was videoing on my camera so I patched it with the audio from that. As a result I'm only missing the start of Clear Enough?
The setlist is a carbon copy of the show the week prior when you swap Slaves for Push & Shove. Both songs are awesome and both I haven't seen much before so they were very welcome.
Nagasaki had a few hiccups which was a bit entertaining. And the inciting jam with extra drummer was awesome too. I love getting guest appearances at Mammal shows.

1. Jam
2. The Majority
3. Hell Yeah
4. The Aural Underground
5. Think
6. Clear Enough?
7. Nagasaki In Flames
8. The Tempo and The Groove
9. Mr Devil
10. Slaves
11. Religion
12. Maker
13. Inciting (w/Ben Ellingworth)
14. Smash The Piñata

Length: 1:02:42

Sound Quality: B

Download Here

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