Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mammal @ The Corner Hotel (2009-07-03)

Oh man... I really didn't feel well at all and wanted to leave throughout most of this set. I would have aswell if it hadn’t been for the bouncer in front of me who seemed to know how shit I was feeling and to try and make things better for me. He did this by telling the bitch jumping into me every 5 seconds to stop.. when she didn’t he sent her away. By getting me a bottle of water when he saw me in discomfort and coughing a bit. And by keeping the general crowd around me pretty calm. Thanks heaps bouncer guy. You are seriously the best venue staff I’ve ever seen.
Now, the performance…. AWESOME! I think this is the tightest I’ve seen Mammal play. They sounded spot on. The new intro jam is pretty rocking. And it was great to see Push and Shove again. I think they should start to rotate an older song into every set. Would make things VERY interesting.
Tap dancing at a Mammal show works unbelievably well by the way. The most entertaining special guest appearance I’ve ever seen. Period. Just awesome.
Will be seeing them at least once (maybe twice) again on this tour. Hope that shows as good as this one.

1. Intro/Jam
2. The Majority
3. Hell Yeah
4. The Aural Underground
5. Think
6. Clear Enough?
7. Mr Devil
8. Push & Shove
9. The Tempo and The Groove
10. Nagasaki In Flames
11. Religion
12. Inciting w/Martin Martini
13. Maker
14. Smash The Piñata

Length: 1:09:08

Sound Quality: B-

MP3: Download Here

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