Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sydonia @ Ruby's Lounge (2009-05-29)

Supported by Newborn, Moniker Soul and Dive Into Ruin.

Sydonia were the only band I recorded on the night sorry. I did catch the second half of Newborns set and they were pretty good. I wouldn't mind checking them out again sometime in the future.

Firstly. Thanks to Sean for putting me on the guest list so I could record the show/his band. Coolest guy :)

Secondly. Wow! I am so impressed with Sydonia’s live show. It is phenomenal the sound they can create with what they have and I am consistently blown away by them. Quickly they are already emerging as one of my favourite bands to see live. I'm also liking the surprise new tracks in the set. The new album is already shaping up to be as good, if not better than the first. And that is saying a lot.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see these guys open for Mammal in a few weeks. Hopefully my microphone issues are fixed by then.

This was recorded pretty much as close to the left speaker stack as I could get. The first minute and a bit are in mono and there is a little crackling throughout. This was pretty much the end of my mics.

1. C13
2. Dream Kiss
3. Taste More
4. Elbow
5. 3 Tongues
6. Sinner
7. Rubber Bullet
8. Shame
9. Sorry
10. Bateria
11. Incoming

Length: 54:51

Sound Quality: B-

Download Here

Download Key: b2g4rDhp2mYKMH6u3JBMeeQxLuGwMAsWCE7FnsKNwvg

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