Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mammal @ Yah Yah's (2009-05-05)

Oh my god!! The best Mammal show I’ve seen by far. Very good mix of songs due to the ‘song out of a hat’ thing they had going which I strongly strongly insist they do at every show from now on. For the first time in a while the show didn't feel linear and didn’t follow the ‘safe’ setlist which has been of late: which made every song played exciting. Getting to hear Dionysian and Push & Shove finally was great too. And I’m still loving The Tempo and The Groove. Can’t wait until they kick out some other new songs too.
Irwin’s addition to Maker was pretty cool. It’s always great getting guests in on songs. And I think he nailed it. The Inciting rap by Zeke was awesome too.
However, my favorite part of the set went something like this:
“Zano’s choosing a song”
“what is it?”
long silent pause…
Zane busts into Think.. awesome style.

1. The Majority
2. The Aural Underground
3. Dionysian
4. Push & Shove
5. Maker w/ Irwin Thomas
6. Hollywood Shrine
7. Clear Enough?
8. Groove Junkie
9. Mr Devil
10. Slaves
11. Inciting
12. Two Soles
13. Nagasaki In Flames
14. Hell Yeah
15. The Tempo and The Groove
16. Think
17. Smash The Piñata

Length: 1:23:47

Sound Quality: B+

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