Sunday, February 28, 2010

Alexisonfire @ Melbourne Soundwave (2010-02-26)

I caught the first couple of songs last time Alexisonfire played Soundwave so it's only fitting I catch the last couple this time. They didn't sound as good to me this time but they still put on a great show. I missed the first two songs which I believe were 'Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints' and 'Boiled Frogs' as I was at The Weakerthans. As such the sound on Born and Raised fades in as I find a position.


1. Born and Raised (Fades In)
2. We Are The Sound
3. Old Crows
4. Accept Crime
5. Accidents
6. Young Cardinals
7. This Could Be Anywhere In The World

Length: 29:54

Sound Quality: C+

Download Here

Download Key: dlBCUWN31j8NgDhG2EvbgCo82JpBPUPeJYaptNhvA6o

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