Monday, February 22, 2010

The Brian Jonestown Massacre @ Billboard The Venue (2010-02-21)

Like many people I don't know all of this bands material. In fact, compared to most I know very little. So in the end I only knew about 5-6 songs that were played. But fuck me they were played well. They really are a tight unit when they are getting along. The recording is clear as well and I'm very happy with that.
Apparently last time they came out there was heaps of banter between songs but there was nothing like that this time. Instead there were very long silences between songs. I've edited out 6 minutes in total so the show flows better. Only the silence though: all band noises are still present.
I wish I'd of gone to the show the night before as well now. Or that it went onsale first. I'd of much rather seen them at the Hi-Fi Bar than Billboards.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre @ Billboard The Venue photo TheBrianJonestownMassacre20100221.jpg

1. Intro
2. Super-Sonic
3. Vacuum Boots
4. Servo
5. Cabin Fever
6. Yeah-Yeah
7. Wasted
8. That Girl Suicide
9. Anenone
10. Not If You Were The Last Dandy On Earth
11. When Jokers Attack
12. Sailor
13. B.S.A.
14. This Is Why You Love Me
15. Prozac Vs. Heroin
16. Evergreen
17. Got My Eye On You
18. Wisdom
19. Who?
20. Oh Lord
21. Satellite
22. Whoever You Are

Length: 1:40:27

Sound Quality: A-

Download Here

Download Key: Ffmv0TAUOXCQRRdyaZxRIUvqncJF_ArF6YnCLgqntbU


  1. yes dude! just found your site and i think you guys are doing just FINE FINE work.

    looking forward to seeing BJM in San Fran next month.

  2. if you could find it in your heart to re-upload this i'd be forever greatful!