Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Horrors @ The Corner Hotel (2010-01-27)

I'd only heard a few Horrors songs that Tab had put on some mix's for me and I went to this show with her so I wasn't really over excited about it. I walked away from it however a big fan. They put on a really good show. New Ice Age and Count In Fives were my two highlights of the night. But all the songs impressed me. I wasn't really bored at any point in the show.
It was great to be back in a more intimate crowd after the previous two weeks worth of festivals and hall shows. I'm really happy with the sound on this one. The Corner always provides me with good sounding recordings. Love that place.

The Horrors @ The Corner Hotel photo TheHorrors20100127.jpg

1. Intro
2. Mirror's Image
3. Three Decades
4. Primary Colours
5. I Can't Control Myself
6. New Ice Age
7. Scarlet Fields
8. I Only Think of You
9. Whole New Way
10. Who Can Say
11. Sea Within A Sea
12. Ghost Rider (Suicide Cover)
13. Count In Fives
14. Sheena Is A Parasite
15. Gloves

Length: 1:07:01

Download Here

Download Key: ZvN5kHhxrbHSM3VuNguM8CUX6N1Fw8C2mq6yennbZlU


  1. Thanks for putting this up, it was an awesome show. If you bought a drink from sidebar I probably served you.

  2. Thank you! God they were amazing.