Sunday, January 10, 2010

Full Scale Revolution @ The Evelyn (2010-01-09)

I never thought I'd get a chance to see Full Scale (Revolution) but after weeks of disappointment at Mammal's break up it finally happened. I thought they would be rough and out of practice but the guys really pulled it together playing an epic set. The amount of energy in the room was incredible. Every punter was loving it.
Zeke once again took control when he aborted Billy mid song due to some idiot getting on stage trying to find another guy who I assume he wanted to bash. He set the guys in their place and as a treat to us requested the song be started again.
I'm surprised that we got 2 tracks off the FSD album. I had never heard it but the change in sound is very noticeable. They were really good live and I'll be getting a copy of the CD soon.
As predicted Party Political was the last song played and it went off. The crowd went nuts for an encore for at least 5 minutes even though the band was already mingling with everyone. I didn't care though. I don't think an encore would have topped Party Political's radness.
While I loved the show and am glad to have experienced FS(R) live I don't think I will be as devoted to them as I was Mammal. Mammal just had that something which I couldn't dismiss and always drew me in.

Full Scale Revolution

1. Smiles
2. Empty Texas
3. Feel It
4. Billy (Say What Your Feeling) (Aborted)
5. Billy (Say What Your Feeling)
6. Sixteen Today
7. Sickness
8. Rapture
9. Download The Destruction
10. $75 An Hour
11. 200 Years
12. Where's Your Energy?
13. The Heimlich Manoeuvre
14. Five-Six
15. Party Political

Length: 1:07:40

Sound Quality: A-

Download Here

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