Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Patrick Wolf @ Prince Bandroom (2009-12-14)

Holy flying mongoose Batman!!! What an amazing show! I had wanted to see Patrick since exactly a year prior when I first heard him. My partner had seen him twice before (once solo) so we weren't really sure how the show was gonna go about.
I can't express how awesome this show was. He played an epic set because it was the last show promoting The Bachelor album and as a result he played almost every song off it. He also played a bunch from his first 3 albums too. Not only that but he played a new song (Wild Life) which he claims has only been done once before. It was super fun and dancy and I'm looking forward to a studio version as this recording doesn't do it justice. Not only did he play an epic set but he extended a bunch of the songs too and generally played around with the arrangements a little.
I haven't done a list yet but this will be in my top 3 gigs of the year. Will be at his next show with bells on.

Patrick Wolf @ Prince Bandroom (2009-12-14) photo PatrickWolf20091214.jpg

1. Kriegspiel
2. Oblivion
3. Eulogy
4. Bluebells
5. Damaris
6. Who Will?
7. The Bachelor
8. Blackdown
9. The Libertine
10. Wind In The Wires
11. Count of Casualty
12. The Childcatcher
13. Tristan
14. Battle
15. Theseus
16. The Sun Is Often Out
17. The Stars
18. Hard Times
19. The Magic Position
20. Bloodbeat
21. Vultures
22. Wild Life

Length: 2:08:26

Sound Quality: B-

Download Here

Download Key: D84e5kVXbe7wcOFx8-xxd1HuAHU87rHno-Rvj4-l5AQ


  1. You get exactly infinite points for the recording. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. Wow thank god someone recorded and posted that show. It was huge in every sense and I was kicking myself for not taking a recorder along.