Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Stabs @ The Old Bar (2010-05-22)

So Grong Grong actually headlined this show but I wasn't too familiar with their stuff and I had to leave early anyway.

The second time I had seen ZOND, the first time being at last years Flip Out Festival in Sydney. Maybe it was the difference between the superb sound set up at the Manning Bar and the so-so one at The Old Bar but the volume and clarity just weren't there. The sound did improve as the set went on but I'll be looking forward to seeing them again when they support Naked On The Vague in July.


The Stabs
Another great show from The Stabs. Not that I was expecting anything less. A few new songs in amongst some old ones. I quite enjoyed the new stuff and look forward to a shorter wait between albums but with the amount of side projects each member is involved in in Melbourne's very incestuous scene, I don't hold out a whole lot of hope.



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  2. What are the odds! I couldn't get there until The Stabs had nearly finished (was last in before full house) and only recorded Grong Grong find a mp3 here