Monday, October 11, 2010

Boadrum 10 @ The Forum (2010-10-10)

For the unfamiliar, Japanese band Boredoms have conducted their Boadrum series since 2007, when 77 drummers played a concert in NYC on July 7th, starting at 7.07pm (of course). It's happened every year since and this year was the first time it had taken place in the Southern Hemisphere.

Bum Creek
I got there part way through so didn't record. Was kinda interested in them after seeing their collaboration with Snawklor at Overground earlier in the year but this was pretty uninspired. I'm sure naysayers will label me as being too serious but there just wasn't much I could take out of the performance.

KES Band
Finally managed to catch at least on incarnation of the KES name. Not bad but with my main knowledge of Karl Scullin's work coming from Mum Smokes, I was a little surprised. Perhaps a little uneven, it was still pretty enjoyable.

Starting right on midnight, just as 10/10/10 began, Boredoms, along with a couple of local and international ring-ins to make up the numbers, began. A lineup that included Eveyln Morris of True Radical Miracle, Pikelet and Baseball, Cameron Potts, also of Baseball, as well as Zach Hill from Hella (!!!!!), it was an eclectic mix to what turned out to be a strange and amazing show. 9 drummers began on stage, working up for a few minutes before the 10th was carried onto the stage like a king from the back of the floor.
Having only experienced it in a tired state and having not had a proper listen to the recording, I can't remember a whole lot from the show apart from the fact that I knew I was witnessing something very special, something I'll most likely never see again.
The encore dragged on and seemed a little superfluous and some dickhead crowdsurfed and cracked a poor girl right in the face but those are minor flaws from an otherwise extraordinary show.


  1. Thanks for these, downloading them now! It was an awesome night. I agree with you about the encore dragging.

    Can't believe you didn't mention Ben Ely drumming in your post! :-P

  2. Thank you so much. It is a wonderful recording, really. Although I wasn't there, I still have to assert that the concert was actually 10/9. Just because someone hit the first note after midnight doesn't really count...c'mon, it's the same concert, not a two-day show, and I'm sure it said 10/9 on your ticket (and it certainly said so in the advertising).

  3. Anyone record the Sydney show?