Friday, October 15, 2010

Dead Meadow @ The Forum (2010-10-14)

So it turns out I don't really know much about Dead Meadow. But regardless I thought this was an amazing show and I'm really glad I went. The sound was amazing and The Forum is by far the best venue for a band like this to play in. It really set the mood.
The weird creature that came out for the last two songs was pretty lol. Not sure what the inspiration for that one was.

Dead Meadow

2. Good Moanin'
3. Let's Jump In
4. Dusty Nothing
5. To The One
6. At Her Open Door
7. Green Sky Green Lake
8. The White Worm
9. Everything's Going On
10. Beyond The Fields We Know
12. Sleepy Silver Door
13. Rocky Mountain High

Length: 1:21:45

Sound Quality: A+

Download Here

Download Key: L9cxSzCPuVeukC85sOmfJ2MEbS5M4qwUqp7cJN8UEe4


  1. hey dude, do you know if this was recorded on video ?

  2. aww ok. but awesome job with recording this! thanks a lot for uploading :)

  3. here's what i have so far :

    02 Good Moanin'
    03 Let's Jump In
    04 Dusty Nothing
    05 To The One
    06 At Her Open Door
    07 Greensky, Greenlake
    08 The White Worm
    09 Everything's Going On
    10 Beyond The Fields We Know

    The last two songs sound definitely familiar, but can't find what they are.
    Thanks for recording this !

  4. that meadow show was ace. drummming was bonzer.

  5. 11.Sleepy Silver Door
    12.Rocky Moutain High

    So stoked they plaed most of there of stuff.
    Saw them twice that week they are amazing!

  6. Hey, I know this is a bit of a blast from the past, but any chance this could be put up somewhere that hasn't been seized by the FBI, a la Megaupload?