Sunday, October 30, 2011

Creepshow Festival 2011 @ the Espy, 29/10/2011

Well, Saltar Hype did it again. I won't say too much review-y stuff about this since I already wrote a blog about it on my other page, but yeah. Here we go.

Anna Salen (AKA "The Super Anna Salen Brothers")
After getting a good response last year for their "Mario" theme, Daiv Morgan, Paul Risso and Shaun Scott decided to do it again this year, once again to great effect. It's great to have a recording of this - you'll hear plenty of Mario sound effects in the middle of their own songs, care of Shaun's triggers, and there's a couple of good covers of the theme music between songs. Also, watch out for a special guest drummer in Karate (Shaun played guitar). Dinner's On is fast becoming one of my favourite Anna songs, although I should say that the new (and amusingly titled) one they opened with at this show and the night before is IMMENSE.
Tit Dirt
-Mario Theme 1-
Communist Rocket
-Mario Theme 2-
Dinner's On
(featuring Matt Crute, hence Daiv renaming the song Karutey)


The Khyber BeltSo for the uninitiated, The Khyber Belt are basically the closest thing Melbourne has to a supergroup. Vocals, Forbes McKail, formerly of Rook. Guitar, Tyson Fish, formerly of Rook. Guitar, Guy Shenfield, formerly of Bushido. Bass, James Livesy, formerly of Sleep Parade. Drums, Alex Dinic, formerly of Bushido. Rook and Bushido have broken up, and James isn't in Sleep Parade now, so it's great to see all these musicians still doing their thing in this band, and this was only their fifth show in total, due to the fact that Forbes lives in Brisbane so they can't play together very often. Anyway. The first time I saw them it was a bit like, "FUCK YEAH! ALL THESE GUYS, AND FORBES IS SINGING, HOW GOOD IS THIS!" But now... it's like the honeymoon is over. Don't get me wrong, they're still a very good band. And it is fucking awesome that Forbes is still using THAT VOICE. But... this band isn't Rook. I know it's wrong to compare a band to the bands that their members came from, but when you've got Forbes singing, and Tyson playing guitar, you can't help but make the comparison. Pretty much what I'm saying is that in terms of the songs, SO FAR, this band isn't living up to my expectations. But it was actually a pretty good performance on the night, and the EP, on sale for the first time on this evening, isn't bad. I definitely think there's some potential here, and if they can get their shit together, they could definitely be as good as Rook in the future.
(Intro on recording)
In Time You'll See
Don't Look to the Sky
We the People

Full Scale Revolution(recording to follow)

Engine Three SevenAnother high quality set, really the only way the Engine boys know how to play I think. Good to hear a BRAND newie in there (although it definitely sounds a bit rough; I think Casey's not even singing real words half the time) and Erasure getting its third consecutive airing. I think it's safe to say that one's back for good. Thank God! Anyway yeah, not much to say here. The recording starts straight away into their set because I was busy talking to mates and didn't realise they were so close to starting. Ah well. Also, contains lots of singing. My singing. I think I need to invest in my own magic hat or something, but goddammit I love Engine Three Seven!
Hysterical Hysteria
Automatic Everything
Over Capacity
Have it All
Easy Graceful Descent


So it's been quite some time now since this performance actually took place, but I do remember it quite well, because it was Jericco, and thus, it was awesome. Brent made a pretty awesome bearded lady and I don't know many other bands that could have kept the energy going at this time of night/morning (they were onstage at 1am). And Brent's solo acoustic song was cool. That's about all I've got to say really. Again, excessive singing/general excitement warning.
Dahab (Remix) (not sure if that's what this is "officially" called, but yeah, it's got the Oud and the intro sounds like the recorded version, so that's how I'm gonna label it)
Rujm (Pile of Stones)
Cause and Effect
No Solution No Problem
Nice to See You
Moonlight Highlights

Safe to Say
Promises Made of Glass


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