Sunday, November 13, 2011

Portishead @ Harvest/The Gathering Festival, 12/11/2011

Well, here it is. I couldn't believe it earlier this year when the rumours began of a festival run by AJ (of Soundwave infamy) with Portishead as the headliner (amongst a healthy selection of other amazing bands). I couldn't believe it when the festival was actually announced, confirmed, and tickets were onsale. But now it's over, and here's this recording, and it appears that I actually did see Portishead play live in Australia for the first time in 14 years.

The set itself? Everything I expected from this band, and more. If I had just one complaint, it would be that they didn't play every single song they've ever released. What I'm saying is that some people would look at the setlist and say, "Oh, they didn't play (this song), what a shame", but come on (they probably could've played a bit more from their second album though). Portishead came to Australia, and really, they just fucking delivered. There is no way anyone can legitimately complain about this set. The recording itself is listenable, but not amazing. My friends and I were a fair way back in the crowd, and there was a bit of talking going on around us. But what can you do? Here it is. Portishead, live, amazing.
The Rip
Sour Times
Magic Doors
Wandering Star
Machine Gun
Glory Box
Chase the Tear
We Carry On


As for the rest of the day, this was my first outdoor festival with my recording gear, and for whatever reason I just wasn't really inspired to bother with it for the rest of the day. Don't get me wrong, there were some great performances that in hindsight it would have been nice to capture, but with all the wandering around and talking to friends and such that you get from a festival like this, I just couldn't be bothered to mess around with recording. Obviously, Portishead were a must though. I really hope this festival delivers again next year, because for a first-time festival in this country, it ticked pretty much all the boxes.


  1. *happy dance* thanks. was such an excellent set, excellent day. didn't get the Mogwai set by any chance?

  2. Sorry, couldn't really be bothered getting other sets. Mogwai would've been great though, I was on the barrier. Win some lose some I guess.

  3. Hey, would you be able to reupload this? would love to hear it again!

  4. you legend!!!! thanks for reuploading